Monday, October 02, 2017

DreadTober Day 1 & 2: Fake it until you make it

So I started pinning the FW Alpha Legion Contemptor.  I realized I didn't buy arms.  So I am getting an order together and it may get here on time or it won't.

I primed the bases and the plastic GW Contemptor.  I noticed that the lighter of the two bases immediately started to look like it was rejecting the paint or having issues in general.  Not a good sign.   The plastic model looked great primed.  So only one base getting a bath.

I then laid down a coat of gun metal and highlighted that with steel.

That's all for this part.  Will start priming the FW model.  

1 comment:

  1. Great progress mate. Is the resin one leaking residue? I had that problem with a Reaver Gatling Blaster, Resin never cured properly. Or is it the mold release agent still coatiing the surface, in which case a scrub would expose the resin proper and a second coat might be required? Good luck, hopefully it took to the surface after a while?