Monday, April 10, 2017

Road to NOVA: Is this thing on?

Slacker Sean will be Slacker Sean.  I won't apologize but will get into what I have going for NOVA and hobby in general.

Started working on the table for NOVA.  I decided to go back to tiles.  Finished the layout in CAD and it's all designed except for one tile.  I cut one of each tile needed and I have one issue with a tile that's an easy fix.  Here are a few test pics:

Len has gotten me into Bushido.  I actually like the game.  Models are cool and the rules are simple yet intriguing.  I need to snap some pics of the models I have started painting.  I will have them up later this week.

Some of the guys at Games and Stuff are asking me to play "This is not a Test" and make them some buildings.  I purchased the rules and will read it tonight.  The thing that actually sold me is using my own miniatures.  This is great because Todd and I was looking at Shadow Wars and that might get me to play a GW game again.  I have my Tau but I was looking at Mechanicus and Chaos again.  Damn ADD.

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