Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Time Flies...Road to NOVA: T-14

Man I am a slacker.  Haven't posted in a long time.  Lot to catch everyone up on.  Kickstarter was a great success.  All packages were delivered and we will be making the items live on our site just before the NOVA Open.

NOVA Open:

Talk about crunch time.  I have been working so hard on new designs that I haven't been working on my armies.  This puts me a point where I need to figure out my lists and then take them with me.

I have been stressing tremendously on NOVA.  First, it's our first event that we will be officially at as a sponsor with tables being used for the event (Malifaux and Infinity).  Two, I am running the Thursday SpecOps campaign which is almost sold out (1 slot as of last count).  This has had me at the point where I am so noticeably stressed that my wife had to actually kick my arse to get me from working myself to death.

The issue is wanting to create all this cool buildings and shoot for perfection.  Despite my ego, I am far from perfect.  Last night I actually had a "Aha" moment.  No not being sucked into a cartoon world where my love interest is fighting guys after a race.  The what about these designs.  I had a slew of designs that aren't flashy and amazing but are good.  They are actually even better at pointing at the "flashy" designs and making them stand out.  So, I am finishing up a few designs that I want to have done to add to the story (and sell) but no longer have this worry that I have slacked too long or perfection is out of reach.

Not sure about what factions I will take for Friday - Sunday.  Looking at CA, Nomads, Haqq, Aleph and Ariadna.  First three are ready with the exception of some models.  Aleph would need to be fully built.  Ariadna is pretty much built with a few exceptions but I would really need to  decide how much more needs to be built.

The lists will be made this weekend and then I can move on from there.  Todd and I are going up on Wednesday.  I am actually setting everything up the afternoon and then geeking out with peeps till Todd shows up.


I started getting back into Netrunner.  Played in a tournament and had a blast.  I went 1 and 5.  Two of the losses came down to the last action.  One my opponent got lucky and the other was when I broke the rule and had my runner make a run on the fourth click.  This caused me to lose all my cards and thus the game.  The guys were great and had a blast.

That is all I have time for.  I will leave you with a little something.

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  1. Hey Sean! Good to see you still using the blog for something :)