Thursday, January 29, 2015

Infinity Noob: Everyone's a Specialist Now

One of the hardest thing to explain to new players is the need of specialists in Infinity.  I ran a small tournament and only one player brought a specialist and that was because he saw me use one against him.  This was even when I announced the missions and explained you needed a specialist.  Part of it is being use to playing 40k.  Troops are scoring.  They don't see one of the many specialist as a troop and don't think beyond that.

I can see with list building in N2 why they would also shy away from a specialist.  There was a steep costs for most and each had a set of rules that newer players could find daunting at first.  N3 changes that when it comes to points.  FO is only a point more than a similarly equipped model.  While it's rules got a little more complexity, I think it's easier to explain that a FO can target someone and everyone gets a +3BS to hit them.

Hacking got a little cheaper in most cases but exploded with utility.  Hacking use to be one of those items where you might take it if you know your opponents will bring a HI or TAG.  Sort of as a crutch to fight them without getting in an arms race. The bigger issue is they could be very expensive and provide limit use.  Not anymore.  A drop in price coupled with a big bag of tricks makes it an auto include.  The additional utility maybe confusing at first but man are they useful. 

I created a few lists for this weekend's tournament and I have to say they have more and more specialists.  I should have no issue getting objectives done.  Provided I remember them.  I will post an after action report some time this weekend.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Years Resolution or Things that May or May Not Get Done in 2015

I decided to try a list of things I am looking at doing for 2015 to serve as a did I get everything done I wanted to when I look at it next year.

Laser Cutting

I started the year off hitting the laser cutter and had a blast. Started with a test run of my Silhouette markers and command tokens. 
Need some additional work but happy with the progress and very happy with the suggestions and help from my gaming group.


Infinity 3e is top of the pecking order.  Had a blast with 2e and I think 3 e will be even better.  Hoping to improve my rating (ended ITS2014 ranked 43 in the US out of roughly 420). I have still yet to play a game of 3e but looking forward to getting a game in before the first tournament at the end of January.

I did get a game of Malifaux in last week.  It was a blast and I really enjoyed it.  I will probably play in the Story Encounter this year at NOVA again.  It was a nice time and very relaxing.

NOVA's Schedule came out and looks like two ITS matches and one campaign.  I would like to see more Infinity events but it is what it is.

I actually got Zombiecide for Christmas and played a game with the kids.  I loved it.  The kids had a blast and they worked together.

All in all, I am looking at a great 2015 and enjoying the hobby.  Best wishes to all of you.