Wednesday, October 07, 2015

All work and no play....

I have neglected this blog the past few months.  NOVA is over and was very successful.  Todd and I are almost ready to debut everything we have been working on for our new adventure.  I have also been pretty good with getting some games in.  I will let this be mostly a pictorial view.

My board was well received and Gutier even talked with me a bit about it and the amount of detail in it.

It was very well received:

Infinity at NOVA was also a big deal.  They beat last year's numbers and plenty of the top 10 ranked ITS where there.  I managed to bring home a few nifty pieces of hardware.  Had some great games and really loved the events.  Hunger Games was great.

Black Maria Designs

Todd and I are almost there with getting everything off the ground.  In fact, this happened today:

More later but really can't wait.


  1. And now the stand is built 8) .. hopefully most of the setup will be done by tomorrow.

  2. Congrats on all the well deserved awards Sean! That table was magnificent!

    1. Thanks. Great events. Very excited about next year.