Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Infinity N00B: GnS Tournament 7/25

Last event before GenCon.  Unfortunately, it looked like a for people canceled the last second.  We were down to 5.  Missions were Beacon Land, Cold Sleep and Coffin Raiders.

Mission 1: Bye
I was actually slated to play Stephen but I didn't want to give the new guy a bye.  I hate them but spent the time talking to Dennis about bad music.

Mission 2: Cold Sleep vs. Corregidor (Ryan) Win 10-0

Ryan out gunned me but he didn't expect to have The Anathematics pop out in turn 2 to kill his remote or my Ikadon to dodge up field and flame his link team.  We both messed up some rules something fierce.  There was some confusion on if hidden deployed counts against your retreat total.  TO said, "No" (page 144 from BRB).  Not that it mattered.  I had enough command tokens to actually have the same amount of orders.  Despite Ryan killing all but three troops (The Anathematics, Skiavoros and a Kurgat) I completed all objectives.  Ryan gave me "Secure HVT" by not contesting it with one of his orders.  He was playing for the free entry into next month's event.

Mission 3: Coffin Raiders vs NeoTerra (Steven) Loss 3-4

I went in with 13 points due to the bye.  I played Steven who had first.  Second event that I played a Steven for first.  Last time it was Didion and he crushed me on turn one to win 1st.  S

Round 1 I lose my Q Drone, Maakep, Skiavoros and Spec-ops due to poor placement against his link.  The Q and Maakep, I kept for reserves and still messed up deployment.   He had me on the ropes and I went first.  I managed to get two coffins.

His turn and his link went unmolested.  He had some sucky rolls and I managed to get a Unidron to turn to face,  He moved closer and didn't think about them having Plasma Carbines.  Took two out with the blast.  Then he moved close and took another to break the team.  I actually managed to take out 4 before losing that force.  He took one of my boxes.  I was in retreat,

Once again I did the Ikadon rush.  Flamed most of his force in the center room.  He dropped my box but I was out of orders.

Unfortunately, Steven suffered the worse in the end.  Andrew was playing a new player and scored 9 points to tie Steven which resulted in Victory points.  His match against me was brutal and caused him to drop to second.

Tomorrow I head off to the Geek Mecca.  More from their.

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