Saturday, May 02, 2015

Road to NOVA: Time is of the Essence

I have been very busy of late.  Too busy it would seem to even update my blog but that's another issue.  The Dire States: I4 Invasion is about 3 weeks away.  I have a few lists I am going to try out but I also need to get the lists painted.  Not a lot of work in such a short time but still pushing the envelope.  Tested both lists and they did well.  No tweaks yet but I plan on having more attempts this Thursday.

Next of course I have to prepare for GenCon and the big end of year blowout that is NOVA.  The thing is I am trying to go ahead and get a new table designed, cut, built and painted by then.  That is really not a lot of time.  More so with work heating up and the wife wanting to get the house patched up.

This gets even crazier since I have been actually having people wanting more of my laser cutting work.  Not enough to call it a business yet but maybe by NOVA.  Like us on Facebook to see what we are up to (

Below are a few things I started working up with the laser cutter for I4 and a few other people.

Work for the Dream Wizards Game of Thrones CCG Regionals.  Power tokens for the swag bags.  Not too late to fight for the Iron Throne:

Started doing custom templates for the I4 Invasion:


  1. Oooh thanks for the laser cutter Video Sean! And I have no idea what that mini is, but damn if he doesn't look awesome!

  2. That is "The ANATHEMATIC" and is a camouflaged . In second edition, he was OP. He could hide and any model with the CUBE trait within 8" of him could be taken over. They toned him down in 3e but that made the hacker variant even more attractive.

    1. I def have to get some infinity demo's or at least watch some of your games this year! The models are so cool...