Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Road to NOVA: I4 Invasion (Aftermath) NOW W/ PICS!!!

I started off on a high note and then came crashing down. I started the event 2-0 (13 points) but I ended up 2-2 (17pts).  I should have been 3-1 but my last round opponent was patient where I was not. More on that later.

The event was run great and a lot of fun.  My opponents were great.  The TO's were great.  Prize support was awesome.

First game, Cold Sleep v. Nomads - I won initiative and made my opponent deploy first in a wooded area.  This was a knock down, drag out fight.  My opponent was from Kentucky and started playing at last GenCon.  He has vanilla Nomads and knew how to use them.  Despite him being aggressive with some nice shots and my poor saves.  I came out to an early lead.  By the start of turn two I had more packs and owned a console (but didn't pass my WIP yet).

He sent a MA3 guy (can't remember what guy) to deny my console and prevent me from chancing a WIP roll.  I ran The Anathematics to back up my Kurgat and it was a waste.  I basically was locked down with a lot of points wasted.  I made a final run to capture the other console.  Unfortunately, time was called during the start of my turn.

Normally, I have just kept going but the TO was right their and said finish this roll.  I knocked his guy of the console but couldn't spend an order to control or capture.  WIN 7-2 (could have been 9-1).

Second game, Supremacy v. Aleph. - I won the roll and let my opponent deploy first.  I forgot to make him lose two orders and boy that would have helped the first turn.  His name was Ambrose and was a local.  He dropped his Netrod next to a console and pushed Ajax up close.  I pushed forward into my two quadrants and then decided to take out Ajax.  I used my Fraacta coming in on the board edge.  She got sooo lucky.  First two shots on Ajax were wounds and he was in NWI.  I also hit the Netrod.  The Netrod was made of some new metal that made it invulnerable.  It lasted to the end of the game.

I got a little greedy and it cost me a round of control.  He took advantage of that and took two quads.  WIN 6-2.

Third game, Transmission Matrix v, Tohaa - Nice game.   Unfortunately, I lost the sniper battle.  His viral sniper scored a hit and I fail both rolls.  Dead Maakep.  I also should have been more aggressive with my Skiavoros.  We both held the towers in our DZ but he was able to sneak a Makaul up there and keep it for two turns.  My Noctifier ML was great up until he was killed.  Earned his points back and then some.

I really wished I would have played Jeff on this mission prior to list submissions.  Having multiple Fraacta or even Fraacta and Ko Dali would have helped.  Loss 7-2

Last mission (Nimbus Zone v. Caledonian) - This was the game that I blew in the last round.  I had a great first turn.  My Preta actually made it into my opponent's DZ and then locked down his link and LT.  I made two critical errors.  The first was thinking I could have a different specialist take from a console that I already owned.  The second was  not capping the Nimbus antenna because I thought disconnecting was the same as destroying.  Not a good game and one I want to forget.  Loss 9-1.

In the end, I started out hot and ended luke warm,  I really need to play much better but I am really liking CA.  Out of all of my armies, they seem the best for my play style.

More PICS!!!

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