Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Infinity n00b: How Losing a Model Can Expand Your Perception

This isn't a post about that one time your LT got taken out and you managed to survive LoL.  This is about being a moron and getting distracted and leaving you Umbra Legatus in a building only to realize a week later.  I called my daughter to see if she can find it on my paint table even though I know i never took it out.  I tore my bags apart.  Asked the store and friends to keep an eye out.   Luckily, I friend said he might have extra for sale.  NOTE: It was found and back in my possession.

I started working on a few concept lists and with how needed hackers are in Infinity now I needed hackers.  I added my trusty Umbra Legatus hacker and then stopped.  What if I didn't take him?  What would I be losing if I took a different hacker?  I started going through the differences between the three main hacking devices available to CA: HD, HD+ and AHD.

Last night was the first time I only took one hacker.  The HD+ Umbra Legatus.  I tried the Fraacta with BS and man was she nice.  The game was easily won without my hacker.  He got off a STOP and a SUCKER PUNCH but he mainly sat in the arsenal.  In the game that I left him at the store, he did a lot more but I was also needing to play more aggressive with him.

This got my little brain thinking.  Do I need HD+?  You get a few extra programs but nothing that isn't that great.  BREAKWATER is good but nothing to really write home about.  It got me thinking.  I have a habit of being really stagnate. It's not a big problem in 40k but in Infinity it could easily cause an opponent to out maneuver you because they know what's coming.  So I started making some lists and I think CA has some nice winners without always getting an HD+ and a Sepsitor.

Fraacta with Boarding Shotgun.  28 pts for a drop troop with a killer weapon.  Once she loses her first wound she is even tougher.  Wait for your opponent to line up a nice link team and see if you can work some magic.

Morat with EI Hacking Device.  Not bad for 22 pts and with the Morat special rule.  BLACKOUT won't effect it and 8 pts more than the base model.  Great objective grabber and suitable host for your suicide LT.  Plus you get SUCKER PUNCH.  -3 to the roll for your opponent.  Not a bad item to kick some teeth in.

The Charontids with Hacking Device Plus.  Another great option is as your LT or a decoy.  Rush him forward and have him soak a ton of attacks.  HD+ will give it BREAKWATER which is great in ARO.

The temporary loss of one model has been an eye opener for me.  Hacking is very needed in the game but you really don't need to take the same models each time.  I have started a bunch of lists to test out some strategies and synergies.  I have a game Thursday where I plan on trying a few new pieces.  I will post an update on what I used and how it worked.

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