Monday, February 02, 2015

Hobby: Gogo Marlene and Umbra Legates

Been working on getting guys painted.  While I should be working on my Tohaa,  I love the new CA starter.  So I bumped them to know these guys out.

They aren't completely finished.  I need to work on the black on both but happy with the initial process.  They won't be so shiny when I get done with them.


  1. Looking good Sean. You are definitely improving! Must not buy infinity models....

    1. Thanks. Still a lot of work to be done on both. Except for Marlena's face and skin, both are mainly just base coated. Still a lot of room to mess up as well. :)

      Their line keeps improving and improving. I have a few models I need to buy for my other two armies that just got released and they look great. The one I am only buying because it looks so bad ass.

    2. Ya..their new starter box...icestorm I every model in it is amazing. I can't get over it. It's still sitting in my cart. One of these days!

      I am a bit bummed cause I wanted that masterclass vol 1, but it sold out in 30 seconds! Oh well! Look forward to your progress on these guys!

    3. I am hoping they release another wave of his book. I don't think he realized how quickly it would sell out. I am going to try to get into his seminar at GenCon this year.

    4. I also wanted that mini! hahaha

      You'll have to tell me how his seminar is. I might try Gencon next year. Too many cons this year so far. Magfest, LVO, Adepticon, and NOVA. I think I might drop magfest and lvo next yet and try gencon.