Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Infinity N00b: Sending Them Up the Bomb

In this installment, I talk about the "Muttawi’ah Bomb" and the proper way to use it.  Bloodgod corrected me on the proper use of Impetuous and he might have won a tournament (or 4) recently.  I guess that matters some what.

To do this you need to things: a Muttawi'ah or two and a Maghariba Guard.

The Maghariba Guard is just the delivery mechanism.  One that is pretty nasty.  The real threat is the Muttawi'ah.  10 points get you two chain rifles with jammers and e/marat.  Jammers are where it's at.  On a successful WIP 15 roll, cause a model to become Irregular.  Hit a member of the link team?  He's out.  Hit a Link Leader?  Link's broken.  Hit a LT?  Loss of LT.  No line of fire required and no dodge allowed without line of fire.  With 10 points, I crippled a good portion of an Aleph army.  First with the e/marat and then with the jammer.  I didn't even use the bomb. 

The setup is getting the Muttawi'ah to get to the Maghariba Guard and connect to it's two bracers.

Let's look at Impetuous:

Move + Move
Move + Attack
Move + Climbing
Move + Dodge
Move + Jump
Move + Swim
Get Up + Move (whole MOV value)

Despite being a short movement skill, Mount is not listed.  Thus you can't use it with your Impetuous move.  This means only a regular or irregular move may be used.  This also means creating a setup where the Muttawi'ah can use their Impetuous move and be in position for their Irregular move.  The best way to accomplish this is by deploying second but that isn't the best strategy to win and this trick really excels when you go first.  

So what to do.  I recommend you do two things.  Deploy the Maghariba Guard the furthest forward.  I deployed in the middle but you could easily pick a flank.  Then deploy the Muttawi'ah behind it.  Depending on how your opponent will deploy you will have one short MOV that will pull the Muttawi'ah back toward the guard if the first MOV takes them out of whack.  You then have the Irregular MOV to get to the brace and mount up.  

The Maghariba Guard is what you are going to move forward to get the Muttawi'ah in position.  The Muttawi'ah will need to be in position and causing havoc before the start of the next turn.  The main reason is because they will dismount on their Impetuous order.  Having them in position means that they can cause more havoc.  That's what they are there for. 

Can you accomplish the same thing without the Maghariba Guard? Yes, it's difficult but not by much but now they have a TAG to worry about.  I think I would worry about the TAG over 10 points of models. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Road to NOVA: Almost There

After the physical and mental test that was Gen Con, the NOVA Open is almost here.  NOVA is probably the best war gaming convention I have been to.  This will be my first year not playing 40k and I am really excited.

I have not had the energy to even pick up a model the past few days.  That doesn't mean that I haven't done anything.  I really needed to work on my buildings.  After all, there is a best terrain competition. I have all but one of my buildings done except for details.  The other isn't that far off. 

Despite my need to finish a few things, I have been taking some time building models (Tohaa and Ice Storm). I plan to finish the remainder of the buildings tonight and tomorrow.  I am on the fence with the streets though.  Todd gave me a good idea and I think it will work with some parts  but not sure how it transfer over to some of the other parts.

In other news, I take my safety course Monday on how to use a laser cutter, 3d printer and other shop tools.  Look for some interesting things to come.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Operation: Gen Con (Mission Accomplished)

My Cthulhu Fez
Gen Con is over and boy am I tired.  I had a blast and really enjoyed myself.  I didn't know what to expect other than getting face stomped.  Magno and crew ran a great event and I really enjoyed everything.  Everyone was very personable and cool to hang out with.

I played vanilla Haqq each day with variants on my previous lists.  I am going to do my best to recount everything I can remember from the games:

Thursday - 1W-2L-1T

Game 1(Antenna Field) vs. MRRF (Michael): I normally love playing against Frenchies but Michael had them down pat and gave me a run for my money.  I thought I had good board coverage with the Lasiq but it turned out to not be so.  A Para-commando kept me busy first turn and screwed me pretty good.  Despite having 1 antenna most of the game, Michael was able to easily run through my defenses and get the objectives.  9-1 Loss

Game 2 (Life Blood) vs. Yu Jing: It started bad for my opponent when the boxes scattered in my favor.  I also managed to get his LT but he had Chain of Command.  I destroyed all but one box.  I completed all but 1 secret objective. 10-0 Victory

Game 3 (Seize the Antenna) vs. Araidna (John): This is the first time I ever played John despite him running our events.  We played on one of Warsenal's new boards and it was cool but was a "Zero G" board.  Despite having some luck against John, he easily beat me down.  0-10 Loss (I may have actually got a secondary)

Game 4 (Quad Control) vs. Tohaa: I should have won this one but I made an error with my Fiday that probably cost me the game.  Instead of dropping a mine, I went shotgun.  Bad move.  I managed to cause a lot of causalities and secure a tie. 

Friday - 3W - 1L

Game 1(Annihilation) vs. PanO (Tom Schadle from Mayacast): I heard I was playing a guy named Tom.  I saw his PanO and thought, "F Me! I am about to get steamed rolled game one." Tom confirmed he is the one and only Tom Schadle and proceeded to make a bald on bald violence comment followed by the offer of a 5-5 tie.  He then decided to actually roll dice.  Tom had me beat hands down.  What ended up beating him was his dice.  He should not have had as much trouble as he did.  He really does have dice that hate him.  In the end, I immobilized his Cutter and got my data scan objective.  We even killed the same amount of troops (206) but I got a secret objective.  The game has an asterisk.  I tried multiple attempts to immobilize his Tag with the same hacker. John said that was against the rules.  Tom actually defended the action saying he didn't think it was against the rules and said it should stand.  7-5 Win

Game 2(Frontline) vs. Haqqislam (Cav from the Krug): Great match of Haqq on Haqq violence.  In the end Cav, beat my face in and won the match pretty easily.  Loss

Game 3 (Quad Control) vs. Ariadna: It was basically a mess of lots of shots and dead Ariadna.  I did manager to win by owning round 2 even if I couldn't kill his friggin Tankhunters.

Game 4(Annihilation) vs. Steel Phalanx (Nestor): If any game should have been a loss, it was this one.  I managed to get two Mutts up to his front line and jam a guy and E/Marat the same guy and a bot.  Not bad for 10 points in models.  My Fiday did well against his one link team and managed to reduce.  The Mag Guard managed to do very well in this mission.  Win but a very fun game.

Saturday - 2W-1L-1T

Game 1(Annihilation) vs. Nomads: Can't remember much about this one.  It was a loss before the start of the Infinity Seminar. I remember that much. I scored a few key shots but I also didn't let my opponent declare an ARO on one attack.

Game 2(Seize the Antenna) vs Hassassins: My opponent suffered from bad dice rolls coupled with some insane shooting from my Azra'il.  The only reason it was a tie was the fact I couldn't make friggin climbing rolls to save my life.  He also had the only Hassassin list without a Lasiq or a Fiday.

Game 3(Life Blood) vs. Nomads: Great game against a fun opponent.  I basically used the Kum bikers to eat shots from the Kolas.  Then I managed to check more boxes than my opponent while we destroyed the same.  Got the win by round 2.

Game 4(Supplies) vs. Haqqislam:  This was another match I shouldn't have won.  My opponent out played me but his dice failed him repeatedly.  A Kum bike managed to kill his one box carrier and survive multiple AROs to win the game.

Here was one of the 40k tables:
Yeah ...It's that bad.
From the Infinity Seminar:

Random pics:

I want to thank Q for the Executive treatment and being my Ninja shopper.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Operation: Gen Con

I am making my way to Indianapolis to partake in the circus that is Gen Con.  I originally signed up for two Infinity events but managed to find someone that was selling their ticket for Friday.  So I will be spending this weekend rolling dice and pushing miniatures. 

That doesn't leave me a lot of time to go shopping.  I plan on trying to use my lunch breaks wisely and do some shopping.  That will mean I will probably miss out on a lot of exclusives.  At least I will have Q grab me Op:Icestorm Thursday morning (I hope). 

I am really excited and cannot wait. 

Friday, August 08, 2014

Gen Con/NOVA Prep: Where has the time gone

First, the news coming out of BoW has been enlightening.  I am looking forward to all the changes and seeing how they play out.  Before that can happen there are a few events I need to get ready for.  That would be Gen Con and NOVA.  Boy am I behind. I had a birthday (Big 4-0) and a few family commitments. 

Today is the last prep I day I have for either event.  I have had to fight the urge to change my lists again (moving from Vanilla Haqq to Hassassin).  I have had my nose to the grindstone trying to paint.  I have not been happy with a few models.  The Muttahi'ahs and Ghulams both have issues.  I didn't realize that the Ghulams have gaps in the arms.  The Mutts are less of an issue but the clear coat went crazy on them.  If I really wanted to fix them, I would drop everyone in some simple green and start them over.  Nobody ain't got time fo that. So, it's doing some patch work and moving forward.

I hit G&S and was trying to get either a prep game for Gen Con or NOVA. I got a NOVA prep (400pt Classic ITS).  It was Supplies and I won initiative and took first turn.  I was playing Steven and his PanO.  I had to setup and was given the more open but better side to get the objectives.  I placed everything pretty even across the deployment zone. 

I took a chance with the Mutts and placing them behind the Mag Guard so they would be touching the Mag after moving 4 inches during their impetuous move.  I say it was a chance because if he deployed on either flank I would be forced to burn the impetuous and irregular moves on having them use the braces.  Which was key to a plan I had.  He deployed center strong and light on the flanks.  Just perfect.

I misread my Fiday kill chart and assumed one of his Aq Guard were his LT.  They weren't.

First impetuous moves were painful.  Kum bikers dying to link team without any smoke going off was bad.  The Mutts move and jump on the Mag Guard.  I couldn't move the Mag Guard without dealing with the two HRL link.  The Fiday was positioned in a way to kill a suspected LT with a light shotgun and get a HRL and a combi link team member as well.  The shot wounds the Aq Guard and downs both other targets.  Second attempt with the Fiday doesn't do anything but causes him to die.

I fire at the second HRL with my Lasiq and cause it to fail it's guts roll to go prone.  I then use a coordinated order with the Lasiq and the HMG DJanbazan to remove the Aq Guard.  The Mag Guard runs up the middle with his cargo.  The Mutts disembark and then start jamming.  I break the link team and also send them in Loss of LT.  I hit the other Aq Guard because I thought he was the LT.  Not a good move but it worked out.

We played all of round two and I managed to get a box and was set to get another next turn.  We called it since it was getting late and the outcome was pretty apparent.

All in all the Muttahi'ahs were a good buy.  The Mutt Guard was an expensive transport but that still help seal the game.        

I will probably try to squeak out a progress set of photos Monday or Tuesday.  This weekend is taking my kid to an Anime convention so little work other than late at night.  Fun Fun.