Sunday, April 27, 2014

News: Infinity 3e


Friday, April 25, 2014

WarMill: Dolphin Shack and Morebucks

I finally ordered from WarMill.  I have to say I love their product.  I bought it a few weeks ago and it finally arrived. 

I put together the Foodbooth.  Man are the directions a pain.  I haven't removed the backing from the acrylic because I haven't painted anything.  This weekend I will try to knock it out.   

If I am comparing these to the other brands I bought, I will rate it pretty high.  It is right up there with Warsenal with the level of detail.  It is even better in a lot of ways.  They spare no expense. The shot below shows the interior.  It has more than most.  I wish they used different color acrylic but they still look good. 

For ease of building, I put it next to MAS.  Warsenal can be confusing because their videos sometimes have sections for buildings you aren't working on but it just cause confusion about why you don't have all the parts shown or where would it go.  They rely on a few pictures with little direction on what starts first.  The only real confusion was on the food booth.  The Bar was made after and was clearer but you really need to pay attention to the directions.  As a hobbyist, we tend to look at something and say, "I got this."  On the Bar, I nearly screwed up because I skipped a line of text.

All and all, I have to say I am very pleased.  I need to figure out if I need any more terrain for my NOVA table but I will be buying more from them in the future.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Road to NOVA: Putting it into High Gear

This is more of my getting psyched up post.  Not much meat on these bones but giving a run down of what is needed.  NOVA is about 5 months away and I have a laundry list of "To Do's" that aren't really moving fast enough.  I just started moving forward with some vigor.  You have to first look at what I am participating in.  My dance card is pretty full:

Malifaux Story:  I am pretty stoked about this.  I really looking forward to this.  I see this as my relaxing way to start the convention.  My friends are in the Trios and I will be playing some relaxing Malifaux. 

Infinity All NOVA Weekend:  This is the reason why I am going.  Going to fight some tough games on some terrain packed tables.  Here is what is lined up:
Infinity 300pt YAMS

Infinity 400pt Classic ITS

Infinity 300pt Spec Ops ITS

Not to mention I want to have a fully painted table with all the bells and whistles for NOVA.  So far that has been fun.  Getting a lot of cool stuff.  

In preparation,  I have been playing more games at Games & Stuff and I am playing in the Escalation League at Dropzone games. The Escalation League is more designed to get me rushing to paint 400 points worth of guys.  Below are a few of the

Monday, April 21, 2014

New Forum

Todd of at SincaiN40k created a forum called "Brush Stroke".  I am moderating a few of the game sections and I told him I would plug it.  He plans on posting a lot of his tutorials and WIPs there as well.  He's an excellent artist and he has some nice strategies.  Sign up and post!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

WIP: Caledonian Volunteers and Traktor Mul

Been working on my Caledonian sectoral army for NOVA.  Here are the Volunteers I just knocked out.  Need to fix a few small errors but not bad for the table top. 

Working on the Traktor Muls.  Need to add some rust, touch up some spots and base them.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

WIP: Cateran Sniper

Been working slowly on my Ariadna army.  Need to work a little more on the base and finsh some of the detail work but feeling like he is almost there.

 A few earlier shots.  The quarter shot is because a family member asked how small the figures are. 

Monday, April 07, 2014

Terrain: Companies that make our games come to life

As Todd (SincaiN40k) will tell you, I love me some city terrain.  Terrain is important.  It's as important as your models.  I always found it odd paying a boatload of cash on models to play with Solo cups turned upside down.  I always loved large terrain layouts.

Below is a list of terrain vendors to use to make your games come to life.  In no particular order and more will be added as I get to them:

Warsenal - I love there stuff.  I bought a fair bit from them.  I have to say their buildings are nice but their scatter terrain is friggin awesome.  They have a higher cost but the level of detail is excellent and worth it.

WarMill - Home of the "Happy Noodle".  They have some very nice and very detailed buildings.  I am ordering a few items from them in the coming weeks (a FoodBooth 9000, a Street Bar and a Clandestine complex to start).  They would have been my go to before Warsenal but their shipping cost was way too high.  They changed that and it's slightly more than ordering something from the states.

Laser Cut Card - They have a lot of terrain that is very 40k-ish.  They started expanding their Infinity terrain.  I ordered the "Futurehab #1 - the shop" a few days ago.  Looked cool and I think it will fit my table.  It's shipping from New Zealand but since it's card stock it's cheaper.  I will do a report on it after I get my shop.

Shark Mounted Lasers - I am not a big fan of the window design but the quality is nice and the ladders are made to fit a standard base.  Shipping is high for a US company but others who have bought from them said he will refund shipping if his estimate is more than actual cost.  They just released a city tile set.  It looks awesome and I would order it if I wasn't waiting for the SWG Tablescapes.

Sarissa Precision - Another great company.  I have played on a table using their terrain at Games and Stuff.  Looks sharp and nice detail.  Price isn't too insane and shipping is free over $75.  I plan on getting a set to do a wasteland board.  They also have terrain that is perfect for Malifaux.

Micro Arts Studio - One of the first players in the Infinity terrain biz.  Solid pieces and a decent price.  You can find their stuff online and at LGS.  I own a few pieces and love what they do and the cost. 

Plastcraft - Not a big fan of their initial design but playing with it at Titan Games won me over.   Their new line of Bourak terrain is really nice.  They also have a large selection of terrain that would be perfect for Malifaux. 

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Road to NOVA: The Dr. is in...SANE

Played some Malifaux in the Beltway Gamers league at Dropzone.  My second Malifaux game and my first with McMourning.  I have to say the game is really growing on me. The combos are insane.  I really like the game and as I become more comfortable with it I can see the appeal.

The part I am learning is the schemes and plots.  Unlike other games, its not as easy as juts placing troops on an objective.  Scheme are usually pretty straight forward.  Non-peon models next to a scheme marker get a point a turn or something similar.  Plots are another story.  Plots range from placing markers of your own to having an opponent kill one of your models.  Some factions are better at some plots and worse at others.  The learning curve appears to be figuring that part out.    

I have some new purchases to round out both my Neverborne and my Ressurectionists.  Can't wait till next week to play some more.