Friday, December 12, 2014

Infinity: The Great Escape

Well...CB posted pics of the rules printed and ready to go.  I say ready to go but they aren't shrink wrapped or in any way looking like they are prepared for shipping.  Still 2 days later than they originally expected is great.  I am actually excited.  UPDATE: UPS says it's "Out for Delivery".  Looks like I will have some reading for the weekend and my trip.

With the holidays and work, I haven't posted enough and I feel bad.  Just mainly speaking out as a way to guilt myself.  I like to assume that no one reads this blog as a way to manage expectations.  NOTE: I know I have readers and some very vocal ones.  :)

It has not been all work and no play.  I got some games in with my Tohaa.  I am liking them a lot.  Still working on understanding them and their are a few models I need to pick up but liking them.  I also started picking up some CA for when the new starter drops.  I painted a few because I wanted to try out using "liquid mask" again.  I had better success than in the past but still took longer than I wanted.  I also have a few models I need to touch up due to paint coming off the models.  Nothing too bad but I am waiting for me to get the other models I need assembled and then priming them and hitting the bare metal.

I also picked up a ton of Nomads in a trade.  Nomads are mainly designed for my step-brother.  He wants to play Nomads and PanO.  Luckily they are both in the O:I box set.  Picked up one of those at Gencon and need a few models for PanO to be complete.  He should have the models he will need to play both.  Not that he has a lot of time.

Speaking of PanO.  I won the raffle at the Baltimore Brawl for a painting credit with Swift Brush Studios.  I spoke with Nick and explained what I wanted to go with (dark blue and greys) for my TAG.  He sent a cool pic he found online. Matched my design.  First of the year, I plan on sending it off to him and getting him to paint it up as the center piece for the rest of the army.
 I picked the level from his options that would be the easiest to mimic with my limited skill.  His work ranges from great to awesome.  I really can't wait to see what he does with it.

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