Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Infinity: Farewell Old Friend...We Barely Knew You (or Sepsitor was beast mode).

Games and Stuff had their final N2 ITS2014 tournament.  It was a small turn out (7 players) but most of the regulars were there.  I decided to not play Tohaa or my Haqqislam.  Instead, I wanted to try the cheese that is Combine Army.  I made two lists.  One based off of some discussions with Denis (eypyeash) and another list with Avatar/Speculo Killer combo for Annihilation.  Never played the army before and wanted to get in on the cheese before they changed everything.  

Round 1: Quad Control - I get Denis and won initiative.  Not a good match up.  I rushed to an early turn 1 lead but he pushed back in turn 2 to tie.  Due to my inexperience and the time constraints we had to call it at turn 2.  It ended in a tie but he would have clearly beat me in turn 3.  He killed my Skiavaro, Ko Dali and The Anathematics.  I was left with a Spec Ops and a few Witch Soldiers.  Not a lot to report.  I fumbled through this and Denis really should have won.  He was also really patient and helpful. Tie (3-3)

Round 2: Front Line - I got Rodger but I won initiative.  He was very new.  I apologized for what was about to happen to him.  It was a route.  I was septorizing everything in sight and what I wasn't taking over was dieing.  He got better as the rounds went on and Jeff helped him a bit toward the end.  I tabled him in the top of round 3.  Win (10-0)

Round 3: Annihilation - I got Steven as my final opponent and I won initiative.  Steven actually was my first opponent almost a year ago when I started playing Infinity at G&S.  He kicked my teeth in.  He was having a rough go this event.  He had three pieces that worried me.  A Deva hacker, a ML Fusilier, and a Aquila Guard HMG.  I parked the Speculo Killer behind the Fusilier and deployed the Avatar on the side with the Aquila and Deva.  The Speculo Killer failed her WIP roll (man I miss WIP 15) but was prone within striking distance.  She kills her target and then kills his spec ops with a combi shot.

Next up was the Aquila.  Avatar moved over carefully looking to avoid the Deva.  I didn't want to challenger her but in hindsight BTS 9 would have been pretty good footing if I wanted to add a hacker to my pool. I got the Aquila and then used him to kill the Deva.  I also used the avatar to make friends with Auxila FO.  With the main threats neutralized, I used the Aquila to set up a suppression fire.  In the end Steven took out 59 points of models.  

Denis and Len played for first.  Len beat him enough to allow me to get 2nd place while Len took 1st and Denis made 3rd.  It was a great event and a nice way to say bye to 2e. 


  1. Congrats on second! Still think the sepsitor-themed list will work in N3?

    Looking forward to going to the next tourney at G&S. Would have made this one but J wanted to leave for Michigan Saturday instead of Sunday. Ah wells.

    1. You missed a good event but they will have many more.

      I think the sepsitor themed lists will work but very differently in 3e. Nothing is a sure win anymore. I think that is what I like about it. I can see myself taking lots of different units each game instead of my old standbys.