Saturday, November 01, 2014

Will the REAL Saladin please stand up?

I picked up a second Saladin after having the "Hide the Hafza" strategy used on me at GenCon.  I decided to go and paint the second one a red orange.  I tried to make his cloak brown but I really didn't like the look so I went black.

This week also marks the last few days before the Baltimore Brawl at Games & Stuff.  Really excited and decided to day that I wanted to take a fully painted army.  Looking at my lists, I counted 7 models that needed to be finished.  All of the base coating was done on all models and two of them just needed bases.

Looking at what I have left to paint, I have about two hours of work to get them done.  Not bad.  No pics of these since it will actually show the models in the list.  :)

Not wanting to break with my promise of working on my Tohaa, I have managed to get many models done (not the bases) while working on Saladin.  I plan on doing more while I finish up the remaining models I need for the Brawl.

I did break my promise to not buy any more minis until the Tohaa were finished.  I won't go into details but I think the models will be cool to paint.


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  2. So which will be the real one? Asking for a friend.

    1. He's the one that will not be shooting you in the face.

    2. Nice work Sean. I know nothing about this game, other than the models looking awesome :).

    3. That's the problem with the game. They keep making the models look better and better. Too good in some cases.