Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Busy, Busy Little Bee.

I haven't posted much and played very little since NOVA.  Aside from getting my Tohaa started, I haven't done much.  I have only played three games since.  One game with my Haqq which turned out to be the worse display of bad luck I have ever seen.  I played twice with my Tohaa.  One game was with a custom list trying things out.  I made some major mistakes and Wilson is an unforgiving opponent.  I played a second game with a more balanced list against Matt.  While I have some modifications on the list, it played nice and allowed me to dominate and come back from some pretty bad hits.

I am happy to report my lack of progress has nothing to do with boredom or something worse.  It's because I have been busy on a new venture with Todd (SincaiN40k). Can't really discuss at this time but look for a big announcement by the end of the year. I do have some pics to show though.

The trays will actually have custom cut inserts for the troops.  They also won't be using acrylic on the sides.  I had extras and wanted to work on them.

 A sample custom base.
Custom Base


  1. That's a slick looking base Sean! Nice transport box as well. Looking forward to you and Todd working together! Can only result in awesome stuff!

    1. Thanks. We have a few other things in the pipeline. Can't wait to show them off.