Friday, September 05, 2014

Hobby Updates: Project Tohaa

After having Todd (SincaiN40k) chastise me about my painting, I decided to work on all of my Tohaa at once.  Something I thought about seeing others doing it.  Todd wasn't harsh but honest.  My painting has improved a great deal but I have a bad habit of rushing and it looks sloppy.  Tohaa is going to be the army that breaks that mold. 

I assembled and mounted everyone to their bases.  I had a ton of the Secret Weapon Miniatures "Creeping Infection" bases and used them.  I have few models that are on plane bases but I plan to use the textured paint to generate a similar effect and probably a little green stuff.  I plan on trying to make the maggots look more like tentacles.

I have base coated the models in purple and then highlighted using a few progressive shades.  I made a few errors but since I was working on them assembly line style it was easy to correct them at the end.  The models look a little too light.  They look like I would imagine Emperor's Children would look.

That was the first few layers. I will post more in a few days. Plus I plan on getting my first game with them in a few days. 


  1. haha I wouldn't go with Chastise .. I just said don't paint to play 8) .. take your time and take it to the next level..

  2. What kind of setup do you need to airbrush indoors? Want to convice J it can be done safely and without making a huge mess.

    1. None really. If you have a confined space you can buy a filter system for 50 bucks that will vent outside.