Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Road to NOVA: Crushing Pressure

I will say the one thing I like about painting models for Infinity is your not painting 300 of the same model.  The only issue I have had is keeping focus.  I have a bad case of "Army ADHD" and that has me wondering.  Thus it has taken me awhile to get focus enough to start an effective assembly line.  Sunday night was that night.

I have procrastinated long enough to reach the point where I look at the calendar and realize I have no more time.  I have to finalize my list(s) for GenCon by this Thursday to start testing it.  Followed by my NOVA lists by the following week.  The issue is not having any time to really test that list much.  On top of that, I have to finish a few buildings and Todd showed me what to do to fix the glow effect on the street tiles.

The good news is I have made headway.  As I stated above, Sunday everything clicked.  I knocked out 5 guys and added some detail on a few others I had on the bench that were mostly done.  Not too mention I got the white airbrush work on all 4 Kaplans (only need 2), a Tohaa Diplomat, a Tohaa Spec-ops, and Killjoy (from Malifaux).  Easy boy.

Below are some pics of the WIPs.

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