Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Kill the head and the body dies!

Saturday June 28th was the team tournament at Games and Stuff.  After a rough week, I was looking forward to playing. I wasn't supposed to be available for the tournament.  Things of course fell into place and I went.  I was odd the odd man out.  I felt sorry for my partner since I was a last minute add and the TO (and one of the best players in the US) dropped out to allow me to play. 

My partner and I had never practiced nor had we shared our lists. It was a far from optimum relationship.  It was one that we needed to deal with and try our best to win. He played PanO and I played Haqqislam.  Both vanilla and with two specialists and 200 points each.

Game 1 - Combined/Caldonian Sectoral - Quadrant Control - Loss 4-2

This was a painful lesson in what not to do.  In the top of the turn I lose two of my heavy hitters and Steven losses one of his.  We had the worse rolling that I have even seen.  Despite the fact that we were on the ropes Steven almost pulled out a tie but our opponent made his armor save. 

The plus side is I got to play on my table for the first time.

Game 2- Haqqislam/MRRF - Antenna Field - Win 6-1

This game we started to gel.  He would take his turn starting after the Kum riders went.  He softened up targets and I secured lines of fire with the Lasiq.  Our opponent tried to play guess the LT with my force.  He failed but I tried the same thing and guessed right.  We almost pulled out max points but a well placed mine took out my specialist at the end of our turn.  

Despite heavy causalities and both of us entering retreat in round 3 we did very well at securing what we were able to successfully keep objectives and protect them.  

Game 3 - JSA/Nomads - Seize the Antenna - Win 7 -1

Wilson and Ryan were riding high on two wins and had a 1 point lead and my team was tied for 2.  We choose to go second first and they gave us deployment.  We played on my table again and got stuck with the same side.  I held Al-Djabel in reserve.  When we were placing reserves, I asked Steve who Ryan's LT option was.  I guessed that Wilson's was in with his Link team and well fortified.  Steve pointed the best option and I positioned Al-Djabel in a spot to take out the medic and LT with a shotgun blast.  

Two shots and only one wound on the LT. I had to drive a Kum biker through a hail of gunfire and smoke to chainrifle and kill the LT.  We guessed right but unfortunately Al-Djabel didn't survive the AROs from the Zero.  

Wilson played really aggressive and nearly pulled out a win but his over aggressiveness and the fact that Ryan had all the specialists really hampered them.  They brought us in retreat in turn 2 and we managed to pull a pretty decisive win.  

Take aways:

LT hunting is a risky proposition but can really net some needed wiggle room.

Fidays and Al-Djabel are nasty when used right (duh).  All my games they were key to making them waste orders or taking out LTs.  

Kum Riders are OP for 11 points.  I will not run less than two.  

I will be testing out a few other pieces in this weeks tournament.  I had a blast and can't wait for GenCon and NOVA. 

PS:  I want to thank Bloodgod for taking pics of the event.

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