Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Gen Con Prep: Kill This Guy!

So...I started working on my lists for the tournaments Gen Con.  My strategy has been playing "find and kill my opponent's LT" and robbing them of effectively leading their forces.  It is a risky plan but it has been something that has generally done very well for me.  It's also a strategy that most of of the players at Gen Con may be using.

Once the LT is dead the army is down to two regular orders.  CoC is a good mitigation strategy but it's expensive and rare.  Haqqislam has the Farzan that provide CoC but they cost more.  The good thing is CoC makes them a specialist for most missions.  

I have a game scheduled tomorrow at "Games and Stuff" against an opponent that uses the same strategy.  The first thing I did when I finished my list is decided to play find the LT.  Looked at my list and said, "Oh....there he is!"  I made a list with only two models that could possibly be the LT.  Off to the drawing board.

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