Monday, June 30, 2014

Quick Hobby Advice: Martha Stewart Up in the Place!

I know fuzzy

I was at Home Depot and I saw this while looking at paint.  It's Martha Stewart Living Crackle paint.  I bought it as a replacement for GW's crackle paint.  It cost me $7 bucks compared to GW's $4 price tag and I get 1000% more (that's a SWAG).  Unlike GW's version this is a paste and has to be applied with a knife or something similar.

I tried my first sample to see how it works and it was horrible.  I didn't prime my base and they immediately began falling apart.  I tried again to have bases for my bikes.  I primed the bases red and then applied the crackle.  I waited a day and I came back to it.  There was some over hang with the paste that I had to cut and file away.  I was afraid that they would start breaking off.  I was in luck.  The priming allowed me to work with it and not have any chipping.

If you really like the GW brand, you should give this a try.


  1. I'd be interested to see if you could mix it with an acrylic paint.

    1. Not sure. Going to try and hit it with the airbrush prior to drying to see if I can get closer to the original base scheme. I will mix some with acrylic and report back.