Monday, June 30, 2014

Quick Hobby Advice: Martha Stewart Up in the Place!

I know fuzzy

I was at Home Depot and I saw this while looking at paint.  It's Martha Stewart Living Crackle paint.  I bought it as a replacement for GW's crackle paint.  It cost me $7 bucks compared to GW's $4 price tag and I get 1000% more (that's a SWAG).  Unlike GW's version this is a paste and has to be applied with a knife or something similar.

I tried my first sample to see how it works and it was horrible.  I didn't prime my base and they immediately began falling apart.  I tried again to have bases for my bikes.  I primed the bases red and then applied the crackle.  I waited a day and I came back to it.  There was some over hang with the paste that I had to cut and file away.  I was afraid that they would start breaking off.  I was in luck.  The priming allowed me to work with it and not have any chipping.

If you really like the GW brand, you should give this a try.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Infinity N00b: You want to get off your bike?

I played two small games last Thursday as people prepped their 200 point armies that they would use for the team tournament.  Both games were fun and played a little different.  Since I wasn't playing in the tournament, I decided to go and make a decent Haqqislam list.  

 The main thing I took away from this match is the best course of action may not be the most expected.  The mission was Quadrant Control.  I took an early lead with my Fiday taking out his Lt.  He choose to spend the 2 orders on actions instead of nominating a new Lt.  Good for me.

I was testing two Kum bikers with chain guns.  He ADHL one and the other rode the left flank.  I successfully killed gun down a cheerleader.  His zero did ARO turn to get a shot on me in ARO if I went to round either corner of the building.  After looking at my options, I noticed the Zero had his back to a window.  I proceeded to get off my bike and mow down some more models.  He ARO and turned to face.  We had a shoot out with neither wounding the other but I fled with the satisfaction of knowing most of his scoring ability has been taken away.

The second game was Seize The Antennae.  This is where I learned position is not always the best.   I choose sides and deployment.  Len had to deploy first and he took first turn.  Unlike our tournament match, he shot down my Lasiq sniper without much trough.  He also got a lot of damage after a successful FO followed by a burst from his remotes.  I was down three orders at the start of my turn.  Not a good way to go.  The moral of the story.  Don't bunch up, remain out of site in low point games and sometime initiative is better. 

The verdict on the 11 point Kum bikers?  They are worth their points. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

There is a light on but is anyone home

I have a lot of work to do before NOVA on my table.  The goal is actually to have the table done by the G&S event in July but we will have to see what is done.  I have been working on the lighting and I think really making some progress. 

 The above picture are of two of the buildings that I added lighting to.  The nice thing is it also made me to remember to actually finish adding the last parts I needed. 
While the lights don't hang perfectly due to imperfect design of the light casing, they look pretty nice.  The LED is a little more blue than I would like but I can't live with it. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Infinity will be very interesting the next few months.

Looks like the next few months will be really busy for Infinity.  Models have been dropping monthly and the hype engine is in overload.  Let's see what we got:

Friday, June 13, 2014

Infinity Demo Day: Chuck's Comics Essex, MD. July 19th from 2PM till 8PM.

Chuck's Comics has asked me to run some demos and help out with their small group of players.  The details are below but we will have at least two tables worth of terrain and can probably play a few larger games if any one is so inclined.

Event: Chuck's Comics Demo/Infinity Throw down Day
Date: 19 July 2014 (2PM - 8PM)
Country: US
Place: Chuck's Comics, 530 Eastern Blvd, Essex, MD, 21221, USA
Format:  Demo Day with the option to play full games
Points/Tier Level: 100/150 for demos  Any size for pick up games
Rounds: Annihilation for demo games
Size: 8+ players
Organizer: Klendathu(Sean)/Dave

Monday, June 09, 2014

Road Kill

I started working to get the Road Tiles done before a tournament this weekend and lucky for me it was canceled.  I am bummed that it was canceled as I wanted to try out some new lists.  That being said, I am happy that I have more time to work on them and my stackpile of models.

The next three pics are some test shots of the tiles loosely assembled. The amount  detail is amazing.

 The pics below are some test shots from my dungeon. 

Too many firelanes

Now with a splash of color.
 I didn't like this at first.  I have to say that with a building it really looks good. 

 I started working on the curbs here.  It is really a pain in the arse.  I switched on the last tiles with roads to use black primer on them to reduce the amount I need to tape off and the amount of time I need to spend marking off. 

 Still taped but the color added.

I will say that the curbs add a lot to them.  

Next, I have to make the street markings look like the are glowing and paint the metal.

Friday, June 06, 2014

Operation: Icestorm

Look at what just popped up. 
Looks like we will get a starter box.  I have no PanO or Nomads but it looks like I will.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Infinity: Terrain

The Dirt posted a little article on terrain setup over at the Bell of Lost Souls (Article here).  I was reviewing it and it was pretty well written and hit on a lot of points.  HMG, spitfire and Sniper rifles are powerful.  Line of sight is the main difference between weapons.  The article brought up a lot of things I didn't think about. 

After reading the article I thought about it and posted to my local gaming group the setup I had using the new tiles from Shark Mounted Lasers.  Their were a lot of concerns about the open areas the tiles provided.  I gave some initial thoughts on what can be done to make these kill zones more balanced.  My ideas initially would have amounted to some cover but not much else.  The good news is talking things out with people makes it easy to figure out new ideas.  I came up with a festival or street fair idea.

Below is the table I used Saturday:

Mind you not everything is painted.  I am looking at getting it done soon.  It was pretty well received and they said that the cargo crates broke up LOS nicely.  I even had some 40k players make a comment about how cool the table was.  I didn't get a chance to play on it.  I plan on switching them out with the following items to add to the street fair feel:

They should provide ample LOS blocking and add to the feel.

Here are some more pics of the table.