Thursday, May 29, 2014

Infinity: So Much To Do

I have taken a break from painting my Ariadna to work on my Haqqislam.  The main reason for the jump was learning the army.  I loved the concept behind the Ariadna but had an issue with keeping all of my camo markers straight at 400 points.  Last thing I want to do is slow play an army that I have had limited practice with.  I made two lists (JSA and Hassassin) for Saturday.  Both play pretty straight forward.  They can handle the missions (Annihilation, Antenna Field, and Emergency Transmission) and are pretty fun.

I also worked on the Shark Mounted Lasers Road tiles.  I had a little problem with the streets and terrain.  I bought about 6 cars but that didn't seem like a lot.  While I have some barriers and the like they really didn't fit my vision.  After talking to the experts in the Games & Stuff Infinity group,   I came up with the idea to block off a large part of the street and make it a street market/festival.  While it won't be ready for Saturday, I ordered what I needed and will take it from there. 

I followed the Secret Weapon Miniatures guide to painting their City Streets for the Road tiles.  I at first didn't like the brown but when I slapped a building on it everything came together. 

Lastly, I bought a Tuareg Hacker and he actually had this with him.  Very happy. 

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