Monday, April 07, 2014

Terrain: Companies that make our games come to life

As Todd (SincaiN40k) will tell you, I love me some city terrain.  Terrain is important.  It's as important as your models.  I always found it odd paying a boatload of cash on models to play with Solo cups turned upside down.  I always loved large terrain layouts.

Below is a list of terrain vendors to use to make your games come to life.  In no particular order and more will be added as I get to them:

Warsenal - I love there stuff.  I bought a fair bit from them.  I have to say their buildings are nice but their scatter terrain is friggin awesome.  They have a higher cost but the level of detail is excellent and worth it.

WarMill - Home of the "Happy Noodle".  They have some very nice and very detailed buildings.  I am ordering a few items from them in the coming weeks (a FoodBooth 9000, a Street Bar and a Clandestine complex to start).  They would have been my go to before Warsenal but their shipping cost was way too high.  They changed that and it's slightly more than ordering something from the states.

Laser Cut Card - They have a lot of terrain that is very 40k-ish.  They started expanding their Infinity terrain.  I ordered the "Futurehab #1 - the shop" a few days ago.  Looked cool and I think it will fit my table.  It's shipping from New Zealand but since it's card stock it's cheaper.  I will do a report on it after I get my shop.

Shark Mounted Lasers - I am not a big fan of the window design but the quality is nice and the ladders are made to fit a standard base.  Shipping is high for a US company but others who have bought from them said he will refund shipping if his estimate is more than actual cost.  They just released a city tile set.  It looks awesome and I would order it if I wasn't waiting for the SWG Tablescapes.

Sarissa Precision - Another great company.  I have played on a table using their terrain at Games and Stuff.  Looks sharp and nice detail.  Price isn't too insane and shipping is free over $75.  I plan on getting a set to do a wasteland board.  They also have terrain that is perfect for Malifaux.

Micro Arts Studio - One of the first players in the Infinity terrain biz.  Solid pieces and a decent price.  You can find their stuff online and at LGS.  I own a few pieces and love what they do and the cost. 

Plastcraft - Not a big fan of their initial design but playing with it at Titan Games won me over.   Their new line of Bourak terrain is really nice.  They also have a large selection of terrain that would be perfect for Malifaux. 


  1. Thanks for the review! Shipping should be worked out soon, I just have an archaic point of sale that doesn't play nice with shipping! A lot of the kinks should be worked out once I graduate and get some free time.
    Have fun with your terrain, let me know if you have any questions or comments,

    Dexter Schiller
    Shark Mounted Lasers

    1. Dexter,

      Good to hear. I also like the painted pics you have on your site of your product. They look awesome and shows what they could look like. I plan on buy a few for my personal setup before NOVA. I will give it a full review then.


  2. Thanks for all the listings of the MDF companies. I was looking for something just like this the other day!