Thursday, April 24, 2014

Road to NOVA: Putting it into High Gear

This is more of my getting psyched up post.  Not much meat on these bones but giving a run down of what is needed.  NOVA is about 5 months away and I have a laundry list of "To Do's" that aren't really moving fast enough.  I just started moving forward with some vigor.  You have to first look at what I am participating in.  My dance card is pretty full:

Malifaux Story:  I am pretty stoked about this.  I really looking forward to this.  I see this as my relaxing way to start the convention.  My friends are in the Trios and I will be playing some relaxing Malifaux. 

Infinity All NOVA Weekend:  This is the reason why I am going.  Going to fight some tough games on some terrain packed tables.  Here is what is lined up:
Infinity 300pt YAMS

Infinity 400pt Classic ITS

Infinity 300pt Spec Ops ITS

Not to mention I want to have a fully painted table with all the bells and whistles for NOVA.  So far that has been fun.  Getting a lot of cool stuff.  

In preparation,  I have been playing more games at Games & Stuff and I am playing in the Escalation League at Dropzone games. The Escalation League is more designed to get me rushing to paint 400 points worth of guys.  Below are a few of the

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