Saturday, April 05, 2014

Road to NOVA: The Dr. is in...SANE

Played some Malifaux in the Beltway Gamers league at Dropzone.  My second Malifaux game and my first with McMourning.  I have to say the game is really growing on me. The combos are insane.  I really like the game and as I become more comfortable with it I can see the appeal.

The part I am learning is the schemes and plots.  Unlike other games, its not as easy as juts placing troops on an objective.  Scheme are usually pretty straight forward.  Non-peon models next to a scheme marker get a point a turn or something similar.  Plots are another story.  Plots range from placing markers of your own to having an opponent kill one of your models.  Some factions are better at some plots and worse at others.  The learning curve appears to be figuring that part out.    

I have some new purchases to round out both my Neverborne and my Ressurectionists.  Can't wait till next week to play some more.

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