Monday, February 03, 2014

UPDATES: Infinity, Malifaux, Attackwing and Warhammer 40k, Oh My!!

I have had a bust winter so far and not busy in the fun and relaxing way.  That being said, I have been pretty busy in the hobby.  Just not in the ways I want to be.


I haven't got many games in since the holidays.  I think I played one or two teaching games to try out the Warsenal terrain and show some friends the rules but nothing good.  Hopefully, I will be able to get a game this Thursday at Games & Stuff.  I want to play in their February 15th tournament.

I have actually made some painting progress in both terrain and models.  I need to work on what list I am bringing to the 15th and decide what to get done by then but I currently have finished a mess of models and terrain. The Kuang Shi are done and waiting to be sealed.  I plan to work on the Celestial Guard next.  Then maybe my Bao troops and Su-Jian.

I have also been amassing a Ariadna army.  I am really gonna need a bigger house.

Warhammer 40k

I haven't worked on a single model but I did get a game in against the new Tyranids.  I managed to win it pretty convincingly but it wasn't because of my opponent.  He was trying lots of different parts and I just don't think they melded right.  He also had some bad luck in the beginning and lost both Flyrants in turn 1.  I don't think Nids are a bad book.  I just think they are limiting in their builds.

I have been taking a break from 40k.  Playing very sparingly.  Originally, I thought it was because of a bit of overload.  They had been releasing some many thing and it's kinda hard to figure out what they are doing.  Figuring out army lists have been crazy.  After reading Escalation and Stronghold, I have begun to settle back down and look at what I have with some renewed vigor.  I haven't had the urge to paint a model but I do think I will start work on finishing up Farsight and work on my IG.


I played my first game and I have to say I loved it.  I am going to pick up a bunch of new models to paint and work with.    


What a surprise there.  I picked up the starter and played a test game against Dave and participated in their Tournament.  I went 2-1 and got second.  The next tournament I went 2-1 and got first.  Pretty fun game.  Can't wait to see more from it.


A bit of nostalgia.  I loved the original and picked up the starter and the expansion packs.


I will be going again this year.  Registering for Infinity and Malifaux.  I will also be participating in the Olympics there under FTGT while heckling FTGT's Trios team. 


  1. Thanks for joining the team! And I thought the plan was you would heckle our opponents!

    1. No, I heckle you all and have my associates take out your opponents.

    2. That's Sean, he'll just heckle everyone .. 8)