Friday, January 03, 2014

New Year. New Resolution.

Every year, millions of people make resolutions.  Mine this year was to be more organized in general.  The main area to discuss here is my hobby area.  Many of you have probably seen the pictures of my models with paint bottles laying about and everything all cluttered.  I have been notorious for being a slob around my paint area much to my own detriment.  This year is ends.

I built this lovely paint rack.  By "I built", I mean I handed pieces of material to Todd and he built it in his garage.  That is just because he is better at not cutting off digits, owns the tools, most of the scrap wood and is much more handy than I.  Since this is my blog, I will just leave it at "I built".

I am actually moving away from GW bottles to Vallejo.  I threw out a mess of GW this go round.  Most of the new metallics were shot.  Used once and become a glop of dried shit.  I like the new technical but probably only until they become worthless.  Then I will go back to mixing my own.

I also go the first game of the New Year in.  It was a team game of Daemons/IG & Inq against Tau/SW.  Daemons and IG were victorious.  I mainly took the beating but that allowed Rob to setup the Daemons in position to wreck shop.  Fun game.

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