Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tournament: BWG 40K MARCH MADNESS!! March 15th @ DW

Because I am a slack arse, I am just getting around to posting this.  It will be a good tournament.  I may even be in attendance.

Beltway Gamers presents 40K MARCH MADNESS!!! 2013
1850pt old school 40K RTT, 3 Rounds. 24 slots are available.

Sat. March 15th, 2013

Hosted by Dream Wizards! Located @ 11772 Parklawn Drive, Rockville, MD 20852  301.881.3530

Registration starts at 10:30, Play begins at 11am. 2 & 1/2 hour rounds. Event should run until about 7:30pm
This will be a NOVA Open Style scoring with Torrent of Fire  being used. Thread will be updated with more information as we get closer to the event.

Cost: $15 per entry to go towards prize support and raffles. Clicking the Ork will take you to Paypal, where you can reserve your spot. We have 24 sots available. Payment guarantees your spot. All payments due by 3/8/2014. Any players payments not received by then will be placed on the "standby" list, making way for paid spots.

Thank you and good luck!


Rules of note:

  • Escalation and Stronghold Assault supplements will NOT be in use.
  • No Data Slates
  • No Forgeworld
  • No Skyshield or Fortress of Redemption
Questions?  Please post here or email Marc S. at

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mini-Review: Warsenal Terrain

This is a bit of a mini-review of that I ordered from  I have to say that I am really pleased with them and the quality of their pieces.  The amount of detail is mind blowing.  I bought a lot from them during their sale.  Below is the list:

1x Square Planters
1x Small Shipping Containers
1x Large Shipping Containers
1x Beta Building
1x Alpha Building
1x Island Pack
1x Garbage Dumpster (2 pack)
1x Camo Markers
1x Bus Stop (2 pack)
1x Benches

Let me start this by saying go to their YouTube page and watch their instruction videos.  Their are two things of note.  The first is they sometimes skip a step in the video.  The steps they usually skip is a repetitive step.  If you are gluing the same part multiple times they tend to show it once or twice and then move on.  Not a bad thing but something you should be aware of.  The videos could be slightly more instructional.  One video showed all of the parts that you would need for a step but not all of them,  Not a game breaker but something they can add to more videos.

The second note to remember is their terrain is not like other vendors.  This is not Micro Arts Studio where you can buy a table worth of terrain and plow through the assembly in under an hour.  The Alpha Building took me a full day to get it to the paint step.  It still isn't completed.  The amount of detail that goes into it is insane.  Take your time.  You just spent your cash of their terrain to make your table look good.  Please be patient.  I actually watched the videos during construction.  I would pause and make sure I have the parts and dry fit if needed.

I would say that the terrain makes Infinity and the terrain from actually foots the bill.  It looks great on the table and people immediately key on it.  I am working on painting everything but even unpainted they look sweet.

Friday, January 03, 2014

New Year. New Resolution.

Every year, millions of people make resolutions.  Mine this year was to be more organized in general.  The main area to discuss here is my hobby area.  Many of you have probably seen the pictures of my models with paint bottles laying about and everything all cluttered.  I have been notorious for being a slob around my paint area much to my own detriment.  This year is ends.

I built this lovely paint rack.  By "I built", I mean I handed pieces of material to Todd and he built it in his garage.  That is just because he is better at not cutting off digits, owns the tools, most of the scrap wood and is much more handy than I.  Since this is my blog, I will just leave it at "I built".

I am actually moving away from GW bottles to Vallejo.  I threw out a mess of GW this go round.  Most of the new metallics were shot.  Used once and become a glop of dried shit.  I like the new technical but probably only until they become worthless.  Then I will go back to mixing my own.

I also go the first game of the New Year in.  It was a team game of Daemons/IG & Inq against Tau/SW.  Daemons and IG were victorious.  I mainly took the beating but that allowed Rob to setup the Daemons in position to wreck shop.  Fun game.