Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Road to NOVA: Progress Report

I stare down at my hobby table cluttered and littered with unfinished toy soldiers.  I then look at the calendar and think, "yeah...going to be cutting it close." Yesterday was a "what is left?" day.  I know I have a mess of Kroot that I am avoiding.  An Ethereal that really isn't cutting it (more on that later).  I have all of my suits.  Plus I need to finish my drones and Skyrays.  From the looks of it I am screwed. 

That was until I dove deeper.  It was about this time last year that I put my Chaos back on the shelf and started putting lists together for my marines.  I actually feel like (and am) in a different place.  There is actually less to do then it appears.  The work that is left to have "painted" models is minimal and I actually feel good about my lists.

Last night was all about getting ready to see stuff for the oil wash.  I can't put the Broadsides or Skyrays together until I have this part done.  I did a lot of touch ups on the models.  Fixing areas where the primer was thin.  Correcting a few mistakes here and there.  Painting the port holes.  Re-painting the port holes after I didn't like the first go.

It was also a good night because I could identify what was left to be primed.  A few small pieces that I forgot to do nut got done.  I also have the two gun drones that I added to the list.  Not a lot considering the drones were the largest left to do.

The Ethereal.  It's the original one from the original battle force that GW use to release when they did an army update.  I just don't like the details on it.  I am not sure what I am going to do.  It's almost painted.  I may just keep it and finish it and buy a new one later.  Depends.  Really just depends.

I have a replacement commander I ordered coming in soon (if USPS can figure out how to leave a package and write legibly).  I have a Crisis Suit made as the stand in but as I stated before I love the Forge World model and ordered one and a Commander for my Farsight count-as. Since it should be in my possession tomorrow, I really need to get cracking on clearing my table to concentrate on that. 

I have a game Thursday at Chuck's since I can't make DW.  Playing a BA player.  We won't be using NOVA missions since the guy doesn't play much and I already have a pretty annoying list for assault based armies.  I may have my rematch versus Todd this Saturday.  I have a few strategies I want to try out versus Eldar.  I figure we will be using NOVA missions for this one.

Here is the list I will be running.  A lot of shooting and 4 healthy squads of Kroot.  Not a lot of Skyfire mainly due to the lack of air I have been seeing.  That and with a mess of missiles I don't think I will need it that much.  Having the intercept on the Riptides and Broadsides should be a help.  I loved it on the Riptides and now the missile-sides can get into the action.

I will post some bat-reps (I promise) from the two matches. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Road to NOVA: The road to NOVA is paved with tattered lists and half painted models

I am at the point in my painting that I am "almost" done painting several models.  The 2nd Riptide is done.  I just need to attach his arms and it's done.  One Skyray is about 90% done and the other is about 80%.  My Broadsides are ready to have the red added to them.  I have a handful of drones in different stages of completeness. Then I have all of the Kroot.  Man do I have a lot to do.

I have been using the tape technique on models to get them prepped.

The above is the Crisis Suit's Fusion Blasters and the Missile Drones for the Broadsides.

Here we have the tape removed.  Each of my drones will look different.  I wanted to make sure no one got them confused with each others.

The pics below are of the Ion Accelerators from the Riptide and the packs for the Broadsides.

The images below are the progress on the second Riptide.

The base needs some more work but it is coming along.  

Below is the start of the Ethereal.

I have really been jumping around but I can see progress.  I can't wait until the weekend when I can put the hammer down and get the Skyrays ready for their oil wash.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hobby: How to cheat at painting using tape!

I went ahead and made a quick (actually long) video on taping areas to help with using the airbrush.  Hope you all like it.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Blog Exhange

It's simple and fun.  You have a blog and I have a blog.  Let's exchange links.  Just post your link in the comments and I will add you.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Road to NOVA: Hobby Update

With 45 days left to get ready for NOVA, things are slowly progressing.  I set aside this weekend to get the remaining Riptide done. That didn't happen.  My Friday and Saturday were taken up by in-laws but I managed to get a surprising amount of work done.

The door on the right I started to paint by hand but then I thought, "Ain't nobody got time fo that!"  I started to tape off the white sections with Tamaya tape and prepared the airbrush

Much better.  Turned out good for a first try.

I did the same thing with the two Skyrays.  A little over spray and a bothed repair means I will need to fix and issue tonight but I am very happy with the results.  Luckily, I need to use my repair colors on other parts of the same model.

Lastly, I started a little work on the Ethereal.

Just started dropping the base colors on him.  Robes will be white and red but it is coming along.

I am going to try to get a game with my new list this week and might beg the wife to let me out this weekend for one.  Progress!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Road to NOVA: Space Wolves vs Tau 1500pts

This has been the first Wednesday that I could make it to the club and looks like the last for the rest of the month (unless I drag my kids with me at the end of the month) and I had a challenger.  One of the new members and I chatted a few months ago about painting and armies.  He asked if I wanted a match this week and always wanting to help recruit new players I said, "yes".  He did ask to have a lower point since his last battle versus Tyranids was a 3 hour marathon.

First, for a new player to last that long versus nids is an achievement.  Second, he played Ben. Ben is very good player that I am sure coached him in what to look for.  Learning an army is never easy and learning an opponent's army is also a challenge.  So he gets stuck in a 1500 point match versus Tau.  The army that you apologize for as your opponent is picking up their army.    

I guess the next question is why are you putting this under "Road to NOVA".  NOVA is 1850.  The main reason why is this a test to get a better feel for certain units.  I was spotlighting the buff commander and I also rolled the "Deep Strike" warlord trait.  I wanted to see how these things worked and if I would tweak my list for NOVA.  The list is here.

While I thought the buff commander was good in most situations, he didn't mesh with my initial list. The deep strike option was a complete mess with this list.  Not having my 8 markerlights on the board till the bottom of three hurt.

The setup was like this:

He went first and deployed first.   Two squads were on the board and the remainder were in pods.  He dropped a pod in front of my Riptide, my missilesides, and my kroot in the center.  His initial Combi-plasma salvo into the missilesides took out most of the drones, a side and a wound on another.  His runepriests hit the side twice with Jaws.  He failed one psychic test and the tide failed the other.  The kroot took some loses but hung tough. 

My return fire blew the command squad off the board and inflicted some wounds. 

He gets one more  pod in and drops between my two ruins.  He takes out the drones and the remaining sides plus the kroot in the center.  I get two kroot and outflank them on my side.  I take out most of his initial squad and put a big hurt on his newly dropped squad. 

He gets his next pod (dropping to bolster the first squad) and his remaining foot troops.  He then takes out a squad of Kroot. I get in my commander and crisissuits.  We drop in and cause some wounds on his squad by the kroot while my markerlights hit the longfangs which lose all but one guy to skyray fire.

Fourth round he finishes off my kroot and I inflict losses on his runepriest squad while dancing around.

Last round.  I kill a few guys and try to knock his infantry on the objective they are standing but fail.  So instead of a draw I get a tie.  Next week, I start working with the NOVA lists and my tactics for it.

Loss: 5 -2

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Road to NOVA: Practice Makes Perfect

So I am at the point where everything is built and I need to start play testing. Some guys I occasionally play with had a spot in their 1750 team match. Slightly less than NOVA but will get me used to running the units.

I brought a slightly modified list and teamed with a BA player. We played against CSM and SW. The plan was the BA player will force the other team to engage me piece meal. It worked like a charm. The BA player took heavy losses but did his job. I lost a squad of Kroot (which performed better than I hoped) and a crisis suit with 4 drones. 

I have to say that the missilesides out performed everything. Last game they did nothing but this game they created a 30-36" bubble of destruction. You got close enough and you die. The number of shots were dropping terminators in a torrent of fire. 

Riptides were good decoys but did little. The commander and crisis suits were worth it. They didn't do a lot but marker things and take a few pot shots. The marker lights made everything better. 

The hammerhead didn't do a lot. I may just skip him for a another skyray. 

The initial performance have given me lots of list ideas. Some tweaks I will need to work out and play.  That's what the next few weeks are for I guess.