Monday, April 29, 2013

For the Emperor!

About a year or so ago, I started working on a Black Templar army.  The primary colors were black and yellow to symbolize their devotion to their primarch and to show that even the Codex Arstartes cannot break their link.  When 6th edition dropped, I shelved it after some test matches showed they behaved really badly.

Fast forward to a few months ago.  I got the itch to play marines again  Not that I don't enjoy playing CSM but they have a few builds that are competitive but I don't find fun.  I don't enjoy staying alive enough for the Heldrakes to come in and save my bacon.

I already have a large selection of poorly painted Ultramarines but I wanted to reuse the models I have from the Black Templar.  So, I went ahead and started painting.  Here what is being worked on.

Here are the colors I used.
I started to work on the IG Colossus and the digital camo.  It didn't turn out very well.  I think the main issue was the fact that the puppet war models were really detailed and the vinyl masking didn't have a even surface to stick on.  I am going to repaint them gray and then go ahead and do normal camo.  I will be going ahead and trying the digital camo on the manticore.  It has a lot of flat surface and I think it will look good.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hobby Updates: What to Play?

On the hobby front, I have a lot going on.  I have been slowly adding new parts to my SM army but plan on changing the paint scheme.  I am picking up from where I left off with the BT Crusade I was working on and moving over to Imperial Fists.  I plan on having a larger degree of black in the army.  Currently on the bench is the second of two Thunderfire Cannons while two more Stormtalons and LR Crusader waits in the wings.

I haven't forgotten my lovely Alpha Legion CSM.  I plan on finishing the blood work on one of my Maulerfiends and my Spawn.  I will be using UHU glue and my blood mixture to add some nice blood effects.

You start with pouring some of the blood mixture out on a plate and then mix a little of the glue with a tooth pick.  You can then add it in strings where ever you like.

Here are a few completed models.

While I have the blood ready, I finished the remaining Oblitz  I still have a metric ton of cultists that I need to finish but this is a good start to having an almost fully painted CSM army.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chuck’s Comics 40k Rumble in Downtown Essex!

Chuck’s Comics 40k Rumble in Downtown Essex!(Berk’s Assault Style Event)

“An anomaly has appeared in the warp. Psykers from all around begun to sense it’s pull. Fleets have navigated through the warp to reach the Hive World of Maryland. Where fleets battle each other above the planet while launching devastating salvos onto the planet’s surface in preparation for their own beachhead.”
Chuck’s Comics is looking to expand their gaming community and get the word out about the shop. This is their second event this year and they are planning more. This is going to be a quick and dirty battle for supremacy. We are pirating the Berk’s Assault format because it works and is a lot of fun. We will also have custom missions for each round that is tied to the theme of planetary conquest and invasion.

Chuck’s Comics
530 Eastern Blvd Essex, MD 21221
Date: June 1st
When: Doors open at 11 and dice roll at noon.
Points: 1000
Rounds: Three 90 minute rounds
Max Number of players: 20
Cost: $10 (a 100% paid out as store credit)
Info/PayPal/List Submission: Klendathu(at)Gmail(dot)Com
PayPal the above address for registration.

Prize Support (Percentage of the Pot):
1st - 50%
2nd - 30%
Best Sportsman - 20%
Smoking Boots - Free admission into Chuck’s next 1850 event.

NOTE: Chuck’s gives a 10% discount on all gaming product. You can play a few games and then buy some product. Discount does not apply to store credit.

More Info:
If we are below 15 participants, battle points will determine winner. Otherwise, it’s best record.
Lists do not have to be in prior to game day but bonus battle points will be issued if turned in prior.
Up to 5 battle points if you field a painted army (rules for this go up prior to the event).
Table size will be 4x4.
Deployment will be Dawn of War.
Custom scenarios tied into the theme of the event.
Painting not required.

Force Organization Chart will be modified as follows and includes all additional support units form allied detachments.

HQ: 1-2 (all codexes), NO HQ may have more than 200 points per HQ position. Retinues attached to an HQ may have no more than 200 points total. Yes, that is 200 points per HQ slot.

Example: a HQ can be 200 and spend 200 on a retinues.

Troops: 2+ All units must be at 300 points or less. (Dedicated Transports do NOT count towards that limit, and also have a points limit of 300 points each)

Elite: 0-2: Each unit has a maximum points value of 300 points.

Fast Attack: 0-2: Each unit has a maximum points value of 300 points.

Heavy Support: 0-2: Each unit has a maximum points value of 300 points.

Fortifications: 0-1 Maximum points value 150 points. No SkyShield Landing Pad

(These totals include any allied detachments, so you may not have any more combined than 2 of each: HQ, Fast Attacks, Elites, and Heavy Support Units).

* ONLY GW standard Codexes allowed, most current version. Sisters of Battle use their most recent version printed in White Dwarf. A new codex must be available by May 1, 2013 to be used at this event.

* NO Forge World or Imperial Armor rules are permitted for this event


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Secret Weapon Miniatures: Congrats! Your Going to be Broke!

Actual email to Mr. Justin:

Dear Mr. Justin,
When I missed out on your limited offer for a tablescape board on Kickstarter (who would have thought they would sell out in an hour), I thought I could resist.  I was doing so well until you posted those city street renders. I ordered a 4x6 because you need a full table worth.  If they are half as good as your bases, you will make me a very poor man.
Thank you,
In the time that I decided to make the leap from "I can wait till they are available to the public" to "MUST HAVE NOW!!", the Tablescapes kickstarter jumped another $1000.  

I would love to mix and match with the damaged city streets when they reach that level.  I have always wanted a city fight board and this would allow me to have that.  Damn them and their good terrain.  Trench Works is another one that looks too good to pass up. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Kickstarter: Tablescapes by Secret Weapon Miniatures

Looks like Secret Weapon Miniatures is doing their best to take away your money with TableScapes. It's a fully funded Kickstarter that is looking pretty awesome.  It's the realm of battle if it wasn't super expensive and made so that you could actually play on it.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

WIP: Secret Weapon Tau Ceti Bases

Working on some Tau for my daughter and I have some of these cool new bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures to use with them.

Gonna do some clean up work on the Tau and try some OSL from the bases up to the Tau.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

WIP: Alpha Legion Sorcerer on a Bike

I stole this idea from The Dice Abide.  It's a CSM Sorcerer on a bike.

First thing you need to do is prime the model.  I use Vallejo Surface Primer.  Great stuff.
Buy the big bottles

I used Miniataire Royal Blood for the shadows and Lagoon Blue for the base color.  The pic below shows the initial spray of the Royal Blue.

I then added "Lagoon Blue" leaving the areas on the top of the bikes for "Envy Green"  I didn't like how the green looked and did the front "wind shield" of the bike using all "Lagoon Blue" and then followed it up with "Ghost Tint - Green"
As you can see with the photos, it darkened the green and the areas with the blue still show some blue through it.

I then began to add black to the engine parts and then add the chrome.  I used Vallejo Pure Black and Model Air Chrome

Next I began work on the sorcerer.  As listed in the Dice Abide article, I ordered the parts I needed from the War Store because I didn't use Spiky Bits this time.  I ordered the following parts:

Ravenwing torso and legs (It comes in a set)
Book from the Chaos Lord
The helmet I liked the best
Sword from the Possessed Marines

I followed the same paint scheme as with my normal marines.  The one difference is I made the robe blue and the interior green.  So it has less of the initial pop as my other marine units.

Then you start putting the parts together to make the sorcerer.

I noticed too late to fix it but his body isn't straight.  This will mean that the arm attached to the bike will need to be affixed with some green stuff.  I did some very poor free hand but it's there.

I did more work on the bike.  I added the book.  Obviously, it could only stay if the forces of Chaos helped it.

This is it without a base.  I need to buy one but I think it's close to ready.

I need to add some washes to it but it's about table ready.  I will take some pics of the finished model with some pigments and washes added.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Blog Exchange!

It's simple and fun.  You have a blog and I have a blog.  Let's exchange links.  Just post your link in the comments and I will add you.