Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wrap-Up: Unification Wars GT

DropZone Games just finished up their first GT and it was a big success.  1999 with allies.  They had a packed house both days and it was a fun time to be had by all.  The terrain and tables were set up great and the event ran smooth as silk.  The Beltway Gamers should up in force and Ty won best painted.

Yeah that's a chick passed out under table.

From their Facebook page:
Overall Champion - Tyler Principio (Grey Knights)

Best General - Al Edel (Grey Knights)

Best Painted - Ty Augliere (Space Marines)

Best Sportsman - Chuck Groff (Eldar)
Blood Angels - 1Chaos Daemons - 4Chaos Marines - 5Dark Angels - 6Dark Eldar - 1Eldar - 2Grey Knights - 4Imperial Guard - 1Necrons - 4Space Marines - 4 Tau - 1Tyranid - 1
 My list:
Not painted but there it is.
   1 Chaos Lord, 135 pts = (base cost 65 + Mark of Khorne 10 + Sigil of Corruption 25 + Juggernaut of Khorne 35)

      1 Axe of Blind Fury, 35 pts

   1 Sorcerer, 170 pts = (base cost 60 + Increase Mastery Level x2 50 + Sigil of Corruption 25 + Spell Familiar 15) + Chaos Bike 20

   9 Chaos Cultists, 41 pts = 9 * 4 (base cost 4) + Flamer x1 5
      1 Cultist Champion, 14 pts

   9 Chaos Cultists, 41 pts = 9 * 4 (base cost 4) + Flamer x1 5
      1 Cultist Champion, 14 pts

   5 Chaos Spawn, 150 pts = 5 * 30

   1 Heldrake, 170 pts

   1 Heldrake, 170 pts

   3 Obliterator, 237 pts = 3 * 79 (base cost 70 + Mark of Nurgle 6 + Veterans of the Long War 3)

   1 Maulerfiend, 125 pts

   1 Maulerfiend, 125 pts

   1 Primaris Psyker (HQ) [Guard], 70 pts

   1 Infantry Platoon (Troops) [Guard], 0 pts
      4 Platoon Command Squad [Guard], 29 pts = 4 * 6 (base cost 6) + Flamer x1 5
         1 Platoon Commander [Guard], 8 pts = (base cost 6 + Boltgun 2)
      7 Infantry Squad [Guard], 35 pts = 7 * 5
         1 Heavy Weapons Team [Guard], 20 pts = (base cost 10 + Autocannon 10)
         1 Sergeant [Guard], 5 pts
      7 Infantry Squad [Guard], 35 pts = 7 * 5
         1 Heavy Weapons Team [Guard], 20 pts = (base cost 10 + Autocannon 10)
         1 Sergeant [Guard], 5 pts
      7 Infantry Squad [Guard], 40 pts = 7 * 5 (base cost 5) + Flamer x1 5
         1 Heavy Weapons Team [Guard], 20 pts = (base cost 10 + Autocannon 10)
         1 Sergeant [Guard], 5 pts

      Griffon [Guard], 75 pts
      Griffon [Guard], 75 pts

      Vendetta Gunship Squadron (1#, 130 pts)

How did I do?  I will get to that in a second.  Let's talk about the meta that was seen there.  At BWG's last tournament, the meta was similar to 5th ed.  Not a lot of flyers.  Some armor but fast moving armies.  Here there was a ton of AV14.  I played one match against a 3 LR DA/IG list.  I was not expecting that much heavy armor.  There was even a 5 LR list that was doing well but lost to the overall champ.

Round 1 - Ty and his Iron Hands SM/IG - This was the best painted army and Ty is a BWGer but someone I never played against.  Victory condition was kill points.  He had:
Ty's Award Winning Army
SM Captain - Bike, Iron Halo, bike and SS.
MotF - Bike Conversion beam
10 Sternguard - 5 combi-plasma, DP
Dread - DP
5 Sternguard - heavy bolter DP
8 Bikes - 2 Plasma, 1 MM attack bike
8 Bikes - 2 Plasma, 1 MM attack bike
Land Speeder - MM
IG Allies
Vet squad
2nd Table

Oh Crap!

This is when things turned in my favor.

Turn one he seizes and drops a dred next to my griffons and two combat squads of Sternguard in front of my HQ and spawn.  He manged to take out one griffon but not much else.  My turn went well.  Blewup some bikes.  Cast Psychic Scream from both the Primaris and the Sorcerer wiping out the Sternguard.  Moved one Maulerfiend to engage his dread and everything else moved forward.  I wasn't expecting to wipe out my targets so the Spawn and HQs had to endure a round of shooting.  He got the vendetta and the other pod.  He dropped the other pod next to the Oblitz and some cultists.  He shifts everything away from my right flank.  Downs an oblitz but stays locked in combat with the Maulerfiend.  After a good initial round of combat, the dread would go three rounds before falling. All my reserves come in.  My Vendetta takes out his and the helldrakes do what they do best.  Eat 3+.  The match was called at the end of 5 but he had his HQs and a DP.  Most of my units were intact.  It was a fun match and Ty is a great guy.

Round 2 - Tua/Eldar - Eldrad made my first few rounds painful.  Victory Condition was three objectives and one would disappear at the end of round 2.  He had:
My Opponent's Army
Fire Warrior x12
Fire Warrior x9
Fire Warrior x9
 Devil Fish
Fire Warrior x6
Kroot x10
Broadside w/Shield x2
Crisis Battlesuit x3
  Gun Drone x2
Jetbike x3
Jetbike x3
Aegis w/Quad Gun

Crisis Battlesuit x3
  Gun Drone x2
Crisis Battlesuit x3
Commander Shas'el
  Shield Drone x2
War Walker x3

Right Flank
Left Flank

This match was a pain.  The Crisis Suits gave me hell.  My reinforcements came in piecemeal and allowed him to pick them apart.  Round 3 Eldrad died and allowed me to start casting psychic powers.  The unit with his Ethereal fell and he ran the Ethereal onto a waiting transport.  There were three objectives and one disappeared at the end of round 2.  Of course, the one I really wanted disappeared.  Even though I lost the match and most of my force bit it, it was a close match.  It came down to the last turn and I couldn't pull him off an objective.  If I would have inflicted one more wound and killed the Ethereal, I could have forced a moral check for the army and possibly ran for the objective.  Things didn't go as plan.

Round 3 - Blood Angels/Space Wolves - Victory condition was 6 objectives.  This was an Alpha Strike drop pod list.  He had:
Rune Priest
Rune Priest
Rune Priest
Wolf Guard pack
  WG in Power Armor x5
  WH in Terminator
GreyHunters x6
    Drop Pod

GreyHunters x6
    Drop Pod

GreyHunters x6
    Drop Pod

GreyHunters x7
    Drop Pod

GreyHunters x7
    Drop Pod
Long Fangs x6
    Drop Pod
BA Librarian in Terminator
Death Company x5
    Drop Pod
Storm Raven

Only pic I took but his paint jobs were awesome.  He also painted a pre-heresy 1000 Sons army.

This match was an up hill battle.  My Khorne Lord did more wounds (3) to himself with the damn daemon weapon then my opponent.  I managed to kill a Stormraven and a few troops but without the Lord to wreck shop and a few luckily snap firing melts I was soundly trounced. I did allow my opponent to dropod in and then cast a blessing on his squad.  It may or may not have changed things but now I know. 

 Round 4 - Dark Angels/IG - Victory condition was kill points.  This was a three LR list and was a pain.  My opponent was great.  I didn't get a extra list from him.

His great looking army
I am in the middle left hunched over the table saying, "I'm screwed."

That's me saying, "How many I remove again?"

He seized on me and his first Manticore shot wiped the Spawn and sorcerer from the board.  He slowly killed off my Oblitz and one maluerfiend.  I blame the Oblitz death on me.  I should have tried more melta attempts instead of the initial lascannon shot.  I managed to take out a vendetta and a LR but not much else.  I had no real answer for AV14.

Round 5 - Eldar/IG.  This was a Seer Council list and he took the list with him. IG hid behind an Aegis with two Leeman Russ tanks.  Seer Council hid behind a building.  I moved up and began pelting the IG with Griffon shots.  I kept my two squads of cultists in reserve.  It was the Relic mission.  On his turn he did something I didn't think he would do. He rushed the objective with the seer council. Took a few IG but not much else.  I began eating his bikes alive.  Engaged the Council with a fiend and the Lord's squad.  He kept my Psychic powers in check but during the second round of combat he forgot to cast Invis again.  He lost combat and broke.  I caught him.  The IG wasn't much against my army.  I was able to roll a 66 on the boon chart against the IG sargent with my sorcerer but then he resigned since he only had a psyker battle squad left.


BWG Andrew

Dameon Green

Friday, March 22, 2013

40k: DropZone's Unification Wars GT

Tomorrow is DropZone's first 40k GT and I am coming down with something.  I blame the change of the seasons.  I am also behind on a lot of what I need to get done.  Not that I am so far behind that it will change my lists but I was hoping to have some more models done.

What will I be working on this evening?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

GW: The more things change...No Online Sales

The first thing I do when I wake up is grab my phone and check mail and my blogs.  Not because I am addicted to the interwebs but it helps me wake up.  I get up a little after 4 AM to go to work and any little bit helps.

This morning I noticed a post by Faeit on GW's no internet sales policy.  It said you can't sell things by GW online.  I immediately became angry and my cackles were raised.  I swore that I would search for alternative models and buy as few GW models as possible.

How would this affect my favorite online stores?  Would I be forced to curtail my hobby?  Get back into Warmachine?  What is a hobbyist (i.e. addict) to do?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hobby Sunday: Procrastination, Daemons, Unification Wars and "For the greater good!"

One of the problems I have is my ADD causes me to get board and jump a round a lot hobby wise.  I have a slew of projects that aren't done, aren't started, or I really want to do.  The hobby side of war gaming is how I relax most nights.  This causes me to get board with a set of models and move onto the next project.  Leaving many in various stages of completion 

There are a few things that jump at me:

Deathjack - It needs priming and since it's metal, I like to use spray primer.  The weather didn't hold this weekend.

Infinity - I started base coating a few but went back to my CSM.

CSM - Making a lot of progress.  Since this will probably be my NOVA army, I am happy with the progress.  I have a bunch of cultists and a sorcerer on a bike to do.

Belial - He is cleaned but nothing more.

IG - Two Griffons need to be painted and a few IG.  Plus a Vendetta that is still in the box.

Tyranids - The Hive will eventually reawaken.

The list goes on.  So what am I going to do today?  Prime the last arm for my Khorne lord, prime the bike for my CSM sorcerer, and prime ten Tau.  On the bench I have 10 cultists that need to get done for my league/tournament build.  There is also the CSM sorcerer on a bike.

I did say Tau and I will get to that later.  Next up is Daemons.  I got a copy of the Codex and started looking at them as allies for my CSM.  Pretty sweet book so far.  I really like a few things I read.  Gonna work up a few ally lists and probably paint up the demonettes I have soon.

Unification Wars is less than a week away.  Todd over at SincaiN40k lent me the IG I needed.  I forgot a AC unit at his house but I can manage without it.  Going to have the Khorne Lord done by then.  It should be a fun event.

I had a bunch of Tau from a ways back.  We have all heard that Tau is coming next month.  I sold most of my Tau to a friend.  My oldest daughter found the box of left over Kroot and Firewarriors and wanted them.    I have a special entry about painting ten of these with something special for added flavor.  More on that later...

Friday, March 15, 2013

Blog Exchange

It's simple and fun.  You have a blog and I have a blog.  Let's exchange links.  Just post your link in the comments and I will add you.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Making Bases: Skulls for the Skull Throne!

I want to say this is my first cross post article between my blog ( and the Beltway Gamers site.  They are expanding their content and asked me to contribute some articles. I am happy to oblige.

I want to talk bases with you and how to get a nice looking base by putting out almost no effort.  I will be honest.  I am lazy.  I like to take shortcuts.  I also try to make my models look the best I can make them.  They aren't Golden Daemon quality but they are much better than they were two years ago.  Bases are one way to improve your models by adding a little extra flash.  The problem is a lot of the base tutorials are a lot of work.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Last weekend I tried out a new list.  The list can be found here.  It performed well and despite it being CC heavy, I liked the way it performed.  So I needed to work on the models.

The base above is one that I had for awhile and it belongs to a Maulerfiend.  I plan on adding magnets to then attach the fiend.  When it dies and leaves a crater, just remove the fiend and this is what is left.  Difficult terrain indeed.

Below are some pics of the Khorne Lord on Juggernaught that I am working on.

He won't have the Corpse Field base.  He and the spawn will have Bone Fields bases.  All bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures.  As much as I want to be cheap and make some simple bases, these bases are too awesome.  I have a ton of these, Bone Fields, and Creeping Infection bases.  I consider them convenient and first rate.  I actually used the Secret Weapon Miniatures Baby Poop wash to make the corpses.  Ton of pigment and works great.  I think I am going to switch from GW washes to their washes because they are easy and I haven't had them dry out like GW.

With the impending snow tonight, I plan on doing my best at finishing the Juggernaut.  I can't wait to get him done.  My Alpha Legion army is starting to get together.  I am learning a lot of new techniques and improving as I go.  Not going to be Golden Daemon quality but gonna look nice running across the table. 

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Chuck's RTT: Final Thoughts

Chuck's Comics RTT is over and came in second with a record of 1-1-1.  Pretty bad but since it went by battle points, I loss by 3 points (46-43).   I love Chuck's but unless they add two more tables and get more skilled people in this will be my last time attending.  Todd runs a fun event but the guys showing up need to play more games.  The players will nice but most wouldn't take advice and got frustrated due to watching their toy soldiers die.

I only took a pic of my display board and my initial setups.  I was pretty disheartened by the effort at which the other players put forth and was bummed.  Todd took some pics and I will link to them later.

Round 1 versus Necrons (Tom Hitz):  Loss 11-7

I play Thom every time I show up at Chuck's and several times at my house.  He had a Imotek list with three Night Scythes, a immortal squad, aegis with quad, destroyer lord with wraiths (whatever they are called), and scarabs.

Fighting was mainly in one quarter of the board.  I loss due to a few things.  I didn't try to get my "traitor" to his side of the board and he did.  I didn't kill his warlord.  I should have doubled up on the two objectives on my side.  If I would have held the objectives on my side, I would have had two points.  If I would have double measured the separation from my Khorne Lord and the spawn I would have possibly got two or three additional points.  The loss was on me.  That and the drakes died the first time they were fired at.  Thom was a good opponent and fun to play.

Round 2 versus IG (Lurch): Win 36 - 0   

Lurch was a nice guy.  He deployed a squad of Russ tanks in the center deployment.  Deathstrike ML on his left and a plasma tank of some sort on the right.  He then deployed ratling snipers in the center.  Three valks loaded with troops were in reserve.  Center objective was a forcedome (4++) and the other two objectives (center right and center left) used the mysterious woods rules.  By turn two he had a tank left and I held two objectives.  Turn three I had all the objectives and was chasing around his valkyries.  I lost 4 miniatures total.  Two due to plasma over heat and he killed two cultists.

Round 3 versus Space Wolves (John): Draw 0 - 0 

This event had a bastion and you needed to have a troop touching the door to control it and the quad gun.  Only other VC was Slay the warlord.  It was called at round 5 for time.  He had Logan and a squad of three terminators and squad of one left.  He killed two maulerfiends, sorcerer and chosen.  A few spawn and two squads of cultists died but nothing noticeable.  He could have won by dropping his pod next to the objective and rolling out.  He did not.  He dropped it behind my line and I tied up his terminators till round 4.  I should have deployed the chosen out of the Rhino and used it to ferry cultists to the objective.  I should have went for Logan with the Khorne Lord.  The only two win conditions were to control the objective and slay the warlord.  Not much I could have done in this case.  Getting called on 5 cost me the game but that's part of it.

What did I learn?  Wilson was right and the Telepathy powers rock.  Equip the lord with the Axe of Blind Fury.  I also have to remember the Soulblaze my opponents.  

Friday, March 01, 2013

Warhammer 40K: RTT prep

Chuck's Comics just expanded their gaming space and is having a small RTT to break it in.  I have been prepping guys to take.  I plan on trying out a list I plan to use for the BWG Spring League.  It's different from my typical play style.  It's more in your face.  Not sure how it will work out but I included some of the pics from the work bench.

All pics are before any washes and I think the green is too bright.  I plan to tone it down a few notches with some GW green wash and possibly some Secret Weapon Miniatures soft body wash. 

The Oblitz were bought as part of a set and the guy was missing most of the weapons so I decided to go ahead and take extra bits to replace them.

Sorry about the pic.  Cultist in the front and converted Fleshhounds (Spawn) in the back.