Thursday, December 05, 2013

Infinity: Terrain Issues

Using the new GW random terrain setup, a friend once said, "man the battle fields of 40k are mainly barren plains".  I have to agree.  One of the things I liked about the "City Fight" expansion was the fighting in the streets and in buildings.  Having see the wonders that Infinity brings to the table, I can realize my hopes having large cities (OK moderate sized) where two sides fight for supremacy. 

I played my first game a DW and their setup was great. 4x4 table with lots of terrain and streets.  When I played Dave at Chuck's, I asked, "Do you have enough terrain?"  The table looked like this:

This is taken from the center line

A deployment zone
Chuck's had one MAS building and another building that looked middle eastern but had removable floors and was very cool.  The rest were your standard 40k fair.  I would say there is enough "buildings" but not enough to provide cover.  The other issue which I have struggled with is balance.  What advantage is it to pick your deployment zone if they are virtually the same?

Let's talk cover.  The game I played Dave each side had a tall building perfect for snipers.  I tried to block fire lanes but only so much can be done with GW buildings.  He put a sniper on the white buildine and the smaller building on his deployment.  I placed a Shang Ji with Spitfire.  Unfortunately for him, I went first.  The snipers were done for and I set up a suppression zone.  The moral of the story neither him or I had proper cover to move very far from our deployment zone.

The second issue is even train.  The picture below is from another game at Chuck's.

  The setup was slightly better more buildings.  The ability to have more models blocked but the deployment zones are basically the same and one tall building is located within infiltration range.

This was a setup in a recent game.

The first thing is the fire lanes still exist but aren't north to south.  The GW buildings still don't block enough but there is more cover in general.  One side clearly has an advantage with cover.  Plus most of the buildings are on the one deployment zone.  This gives a person the deployment player a reason to choose a side.  We played ITS mission 1 on this.  The cover allowed for a repeater to easily make it to the coffins for the player losing initiative.

These setups were far from perfect.  I should have my Warsenal order before this weekend.  I plan to play a game using all of my buildings at Chuck's with Dave.  I will have enough scatter terrain plus a ton of cover.  I am still learning the art of terrain.  Infinity more than anything else is terrain heavy.  Hopefully, I can give a good BATREP for Saturday on Infinity with new terrain.


  1. A thing I do when using GW buildings is to houserule that you can only shoot trough the windows if you are in base contact with them.
    And what you're doing in the last picture is getting there. Having the layout from corner to corner does so much.
    I'll also encourage you to make uneven deploymentzones so that the choice of initiative or deployment when starting the game is more important.

    1. That's a good way to handle the GW buildings. I really like that idea.

      I agree that the corner to corner and uneven setup really helps.

      Thanks for the input.