Friday, November 01, 2013

Updates: Neverborn Nearing Completion, Farsight and Infinity on the bench.

While I hoped to get some more painting done lst weekend, it did not come to pass.  I got a game in with Todd (SincaiN40k) on Friday to try some new things out.  That didn't go very well but was a blast.  Added some marines to my standard list.  I think the list works but I had some bad dice rolls and had some other issues with forgetting some rules.

I have almost all of the Neverborn done and based.  Just need to finish Pandora and then clear coat them so I can add the blood and slime.  I was hoping to be done last weekend but looks like it will have to be this weekend.  I may try to get a game in this Saturday as well.

I got a shipment of more Infinity models.  I started assembling them and plan on playing in a small "beginners" tournament.  Should be fun and will be my second time playing.  Only 150 points but you can't complain.

I also have my Farsight "Count As" set to be primed with 3 more Crisis suits.  They should be enough to work on both my Farsight Bomb and Enclave list. 

Below are some of the pics of what I have been working on.  I plan on another post by the end of the weekend to show the completed Neverborn.

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