Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Review: Warsenal's Camo Markers for Infinity

I have been looking at Warsenal for a few months.  I am slowly building my terrain for Infinity and they have some awesome products.  I am playing a lot more Infinity and decided to purchase their camo markers for my Yu Jing army. 

I will start with my interaction with the company.  I asked them some questions about their buildings.  Mainly how long do they remain "out of stock"  I will say that these guys are pretty friendly and were quick to answer my question about supply.  They also emailed me to let me know that they got a shipment.  I have yet to pull the trigger on the terrain.  Mainly waiting till the end of the year.

Like I said though I decided I could really use the camo markers.  I have been doing some demo games and Chuck's Comics and talking with some of the guys at Beltway Gamers about their products.  I think the camo markers really popped on the page. I purchased the Optical Camo markers.

Price was pretty good.  $7 for 5 markers and just over $2 for shipping.  Shipped on Friday and delivered today.  The markers arrive in a plastic bag.   The bases have a film over them that must be removed and is held on with the gravity of a dying star.  When you pry it off, there is no left over residue.  You are just left with a nice base.

Beneath that 3 is a nice laser etching

The markers are very nicely cut and look pretty cool on the board.  Todd (Sincain40k) even remarked how cool they looked in the photos while he came to the realization that he is a bigger geek than he thought. 

At the bottom of the post are some additional photos.  I have to say that they look really cool.  I will be buying a few of the other camo markers when I buy some of the buildings and add-ons.  I have to say these are a must.  They just look too awesome not to use.  I will be taking some more pics Wednesday when I get some games in.

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