Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Road to NOVA: The Aftermath

NOVA has come and gone.  It was a great time but boy am I tired.  My sickness lasted till Monday but it was minor enough most of the weekend to allow me to enjoy the event.  Now it's time to reflect and see what happened. 

The BAD!:
I would say the worse was the cold coupled with the Buffalo Wild Wings that really wanted to keep me out Saturday.  Luckily, by Saturday game time I was back and ready.

All my woes weren't food or virus related.  I broke my Riptide taking it out of the box at the start of the event.  Not good.  Luckily it was fixable.  I also got into rules debates that were all worked out to both players satisfactions and the games went well.  I have to say this is about the worse of it.

The GOOD!:
Despite repeating my performance from last year and going 2-4, I had a blast.  I thought the list worked but I see a lot of modifications I want to do.  I really see Tau as an army that fits my style.  Maneuver and shoot really works.  There are some mods I need to do and I need to work. Todd (who had one of the best display boards) actually said he would give me a hand making mine.  I have some ideas.  Just need to work on them.

Met a ton of new peeps and some that I only talk to online.  That was a blast.

The games were great.  None of my games felt like a chore.  There were two matches where things got tense but then we settled in and had fun.

The Matches:

Round 1 - Eddie Miller - Tau: Great match.  It was hard fought but his Tau out shot me ever step of the way.

Round 2 - Calvin Smarr - Daemons: I should have won this.  It is the army I live to fight.  His dice went white hot in the middle of the game and he went balls out doing crazy stuff that just worked.

Round 3 - James Bell - Tau: James runs the World of Battle and was the best match of the weekend.  He was a great opponent.  It was fun and laid back.  I got a hard fought win by taking a riptide from contesting my objective by my sniper Kroot.

Round 4 - Todd Sherman - Eldar: This was the exact same mission we practiced on.  I have never beat Todd's Eldar in a full game and it wasn't gonna happen today either.  He seized and got some nice rolls.  I did manage to destroy about a Wave Serpent a turn.

Round 5 - Erik Appelhof - Dark Eldar: Another great opponent.  He just couldn't catch a break.  I would literally point at models and he would remove them.

Round 6 - Andrew Leister - Grey Knights: I could do nothing right.  Looking back at this match I did sooo much wrong.  I deserved to lose.  

The Future: Taking sometime away from the painting table (well not really).  I started assembling my Malifaux models yesterday.  Probably start painting next week.  I actually plan to finish a few Space Marine models on my bench while working on my Malifaux gang and some Infinity models.

Probably won't do much gaming until next month.  I have Malifaux 2e coming sometime.  The wife was complaining that I spent much of a weekend gaming. Plus I have a ton of work to do.  Fun times!

While I am looking forward to the Space Marine book, I don't think I will get it before Christmas. I will just listen to some pod casts and determine what I should buy but not really looking at too much.

Here are a few of the pics I took at NOVA:


  1. Next year we are skipping the wings! That was terrible! Let me know what you are thinking .. and like I said you can have those pieces I got awhile back..

    1. I hear you on the wings!

      For the display board, I am thinking of maybe an invaded city since the Tau bases look like city streets. I was thinking of buying two of the Tau Sentry Guns from FW to put in the front and maybe work out a few "Tau like" structures and bombed out buildings in the back. This way I can ally in whoever and it will work with it.

    2. Cool sounds good, we can sit down and figure it out. I didn't know if you wanted to put a jungle area or something like that for the Kroots .. 8)

  2. Cool looking boards gents. I found it funny that out of all the people playing you two got paired up :)


    1. I know. WTF?! It was cool. We didn't have to exchange lists.

    2. Thanks.. yup, out of 200 some peeps we have to play one another 8)