Friday, September 06, 2013

Rest, Relaxation and Malifaux 2e

My post NOVA has been great.  Aside from replaying my losses and seeing what I could have done better, I started looking for my next hobby project.  I am not ready to jump back into working on my 40k back log but I have the itch to paint some more which is surprising considering I have been non-stop painting for months.

I restarted my WoW subscription to play with my daughter and promptly canceled it again.  I just can't get back into the game and they dumbed it down pretty badly last expansion.  I have it for three months and will probably get a few hours a week to help my daughter but that is about it.

I did break out my Malifaux models my wife bought me for my birthday.  My 2e book just arrived and I really like the look of the models.  Despite every intention of getting them primed last night, it didn't work out that way.  I did get the gaps filled and they are attached to cork.  I should be ready to prime them tonight as long as the glue held them on the paperclips.  I really like the new plastics.  I wish I would have held out for the Pandora models in plastic but those are in metal.

I have a few buildings I need to create as well.  Gonna work on them Sundays while I watch football.  I can sit at the table in the dining room and watch football.  That is always a good time.  Until next time...

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