Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hobby Updates: Marines, Malifaux, and a little Infinity

I have been looking through the new Marines Codex.  It's impressive but not mind blowing.  It is really balanced and has some nice units.  Heavy slot is really overloaded and the Thunderfire is just friggin awesome(er).  I will write up more on this once I finish reading the book.


Dark Debts crew is based and almost done.  Pandora's crew and add-ons primed.  The are all coming along nicely.  Teddy (who I love) is gonna be tougher for me then I thought.  I really want to get the demented "Care Bare" thing down right.  The evil children should be a breeze.

Below are my Malifaux WIPs:


Started doing some more work on my Tech Marine and Lysander.  Very little work but work none the less. They should be to the stage where I can add a wash to them soon.  This would mean I can mix up a big thing of wash and get the Tau done too.

Tau are also on my mind.  Aside from battle damage and washes.  I have a bunch of Crisis Suits that need done for the Farsight Bomb.  After looking at a few other Tau armies at NOVA.  I am gonna try reposing the arms.  I think it will work but we shall see.

In addition, I am trading some of my Tyranids away for Tau and IG.  A large section of them.  I didn't give them the love they deserve but I am sure their new owner will.


I started working on my Infinity models again.  Like the 40k models, not much got done but they are getting some love.

General Gaming

I have one or two games of 40k happening this weekend.  One against Sisters with my Tau and one with me using Marines.  I will try to take pictures and post about them.

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