Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hobby Updates: I Gots the Itch

Hello...This week will be a week of painting with some video game playing thrown in for good measure.  I bought a PS Vita and I have to say it's nice.  While I have played FFVII the most, the new Killzone has quickly taken up that spot.  I really like it.  It is very much my style.  As I stated earlier, I had reactivated my WoW account to play with the kids.  I can say that I am not sticking with it and will be letting it lapsed.  I just can't hang with the changes and that leads to my next reason.  I have had the itch to paint ever since NOVA.
I have been working slowly on my Malfaux crew.  I like the progress but I really need to work on the blending and some of the colors aren't exactly how I like them but all in all they are coming out nicely.  I have a set of metal ones to work on as soon as I am done with my first plastic set.  I can say that the majority of the models from the Dark Debts set are really easy to paint. 

The Beltway Gamers are starting a few leagues.  One is for Infinity.  Using the scenarios to run a league is pretty cool.  Specially when you can upgrade your Spec Ops character.  The other is the fall 40k league.  This should be fun and has me excited to get back into painting 40k. 

I have also been going through my work bench and doing some work here and there.  I should get a few of them done this week.  Lysander being the one that is pretty much done.  Just need to do the detail work and then hit him with a wash.

I went in and redid my Tablescapes order.  I still went for the Urban Streets but instead of doing all clean I did 16 clean and 8 damaged.  I like the damaged and feel that is a good mix.  I really want to do a nice setup for Infinity and 40k. 

Lastly, I am trading a large chunck of my Tyranids for Tau and IG.  I never really gave them the love they deserve and the new owner will be happier with them. 

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