Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hobby Updates: Marines, Malifaux, and a little Infinity

I have been looking through the new Marines Codex.  It's impressive but not mind blowing.  It is really balanced and has some nice units.  Heavy slot is really overloaded and the Thunderfire is just friggin awesome(er).  I will write up more on this once I finish reading the book.


Dark Debts crew is based and almost done.  Pandora's crew and add-ons primed.  The are all coming along nicely.  Teddy (who I love) is gonna be tougher for me then I thought.  I really want to get the demented "Care Bare" thing down right.  The evil children should be a breeze.

Below are my Malifaux WIPs:


Started doing some more work on my Tech Marine and Lysander.  Very little work but work none the less. They should be to the stage where I can add a wash to them soon.  This would mean I can mix up a big thing of wash and get the Tau done too.

Tau are also on my mind.  Aside from battle damage and washes.  I have a bunch of Crisis Suits that need done for the Farsight Bomb.  After looking at a few other Tau armies at NOVA.  I am gonna try reposing the arms.  I think it will work but we shall see.

In addition, I am trading some of my Tyranids away for Tau and IG.  A large section of them.  I didn't give them the love they deserve but I am sure their new owner will.


I started working on my Infinity models again.  Like the 40k models, not much got done but they are getting some love.

General Gaming

I have one or two games of 40k happening this weekend.  One against Sisters with my Tau and one with me using Marines.  I will try to take pictures and post about them.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hobby Updates: I Gots the Itch

Hello...This week will be a week of painting with some video game playing thrown in for good measure.  I bought a PS Vita and I have to say it's nice.  While I have played FFVII the most, the new Killzone has quickly taken up that spot.  I really like it.  It is very much my style.  As I stated earlier, I had reactivated my WoW account to play with the kids.  I can say that I am not sticking with it and will be letting it lapsed.  I just can't hang with the changes and that leads to my next reason.  I have had the itch to paint ever since NOVA.
I have been working slowly on my Malfaux crew.  I like the progress but I really need to work on the blending and some of the colors aren't exactly how I like them but all in all they are coming out nicely.  I have a set of metal ones to work on as soon as I am done with my first plastic set.  I can say that the majority of the models from the Dark Debts set are really easy to paint. 

The Beltway Gamers are starting a few leagues.  One is for Infinity.  Using the scenarios to run a league is pretty cool.  Specially when you can upgrade your Spec Ops character.  The other is the fall 40k league.  This should be fun and has me excited to get back into painting 40k. 

I have also been going through my work bench and doing some work here and there.  I should get a few of them done this week.  Lysander being the one that is pretty much done.  Just need to do the detail work and then hit him with a wash.

I went in and redid my Tablescapes order.  I still went for the Urban Streets but instead of doing all clean I did 16 clean and 8 damaged.  I like the damaged and feel that is a good mix.  I really want to do a nice setup for Infinity and 40k. 

Lastly, I am trading a large chunck of my Tyranids for Tau and IG.  I never really gave them the love they deserve and the new owner will be happier with them. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Tau vs Chaos Space Marines

So I went to Dropzone and play a guys Tau.  He didn't want to do Tau v. Tau and I didn't feel like throwing together a Space Marine list without fully reading the book.  So I modified my 2k point list I used at Unification Wars.  Here it is. 

The mission was "Purge the Alien" on Vanguard.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Malifaux WIPs and the NEW Marine Codex

I started working on painting the Malifaux models.  Having a great time painting something that isn't GW.  I have to say that the plastic models rock. 

Going to get a game of 40k this week.  My opponent doesn't want Tau (because he plays Tau).  Going to roll up some new Marines and see how they do against Tau.  Only new units I plan to use are the Centurions.  Should be a blast.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Rest, Relaxation and Malifaux 2e

My post NOVA has been great.  Aside from replaying my losses and seeing what I could have done better, I started looking for my next hobby project.  I am not ready to jump back into working on my 40k back log but I have the itch to paint some more which is surprising considering I have been non-stop painting for months.

I restarted my WoW subscription to play with my daughter and promptly canceled it again.  I just can't get back into the game and they dumbed it down pretty badly last expansion.  I have it for three months and will probably get a few hours a week to help my daughter but that is about it.

I did break out my Malifaux models my wife bought me for my birthday.  My 2e book just arrived and I really like the look of the models.  Despite every intention of getting them primed last night, it didn't work out that way.  I did get the gaps filled and they are attached to cork.  I should be ready to prime them tonight as long as the glue held them on the paperclips.  I really like the new plastics.  I wish I would have held out for the Pandora models in plastic but those are in metal.

I have a few buildings I need to create as well.  Gonna work on them Sundays while I watch football.  I can sit at the table in the dining room and watch football.  That is always a good time.  Until next time...

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Road to NOVA: The Aftermath

NOVA has come and gone.  It was a great time but boy am I tired.  My sickness lasted till Monday but it was minor enough most of the weekend to allow me to enjoy the event.  Now it's time to reflect and see what happened. 

The BAD!:
I would say the worse was the cold coupled with the Buffalo Wild Wings that really wanted to keep me out Saturday.  Luckily, by Saturday game time I was back and ready.

All my woes weren't food or virus related.  I broke my Riptide taking it out of the box at the start of the event.  Not good.  Luckily it was fixable.  I also got into rules debates that were all worked out to both players satisfactions and the games went well.  I have to say this is about the worse of it.

The GOOD!:
Despite repeating my performance from last year and going 2-4, I had a blast.  I thought the list worked but I see a lot of modifications I want to do.  I really see Tau as an army that fits my style.  Maneuver and shoot really works.  There are some mods I need to do and I need to work. Todd (who had one of the best display boards) actually said he would give me a hand making mine.  I have some ideas.  Just need to work on them.

Met a ton of new peeps and some that I only talk to online.  That was a blast.

The games were great.  None of my games felt like a chore.  There were two matches where things got tense but then we settled in and had fun.

The Matches:

Round 1 - Eddie Miller - Tau: Great match.  It was hard fought but his Tau out shot me ever step of the way.

Round 2 - Calvin Smarr - Daemons: I should have won this.  It is the army I live to fight.  His dice went white hot in the middle of the game and he went balls out doing crazy stuff that just worked.

Round 3 - James Bell - Tau: James runs the World of Battle and was the best match of the weekend.  He was a great opponent.  It was fun and laid back.  I got a hard fought win by taking a riptide from contesting my objective by my sniper Kroot.

Round 4 - Todd Sherman - Eldar: This was the exact same mission we practiced on.  I have never beat Todd's Eldar in a full game and it wasn't gonna happen today either.  He seized and got some nice rolls.  I did manage to destroy about a Wave Serpent a turn.

Round 5 - Erik Appelhof - Dark Eldar: Another great opponent.  He just couldn't catch a break.  I would literally point at models and he would remove them.

Round 6 - Andrew Leister - Grey Knights: I could do nothing right.  Looking back at this match I did sooo much wrong.  I deserved to lose.  

The Future: Taking sometime away from the painting table (well not really).  I started assembling my Malifaux models yesterday.  Probably start painting next week.  I actually plan to finish a few Space Marine models on my bench while working on my Malifaux gang and some Infinity models.

Probably won't do much gaming until next month.  I have Malifaux 2e coming sometime.  The wife was complaining that I spent much of a weekend gaming. Plus I have a ton of work to do.  Fun times!

While I am looking forward to the Space Marine book, I don't think I will get it before Christmas. I will just listen to some pod casts and determine what I should buy but not really looking at too much.

Here are a few of the pics I took at NOVA: