Friday, August 09, 2013

Road to NOVA: The Home Stretch

NOVA is 21 short days away.  Very little room for change in my list and a ton of painting to remain.  I begin looking at what won't get done versus what will get done.  Battle damage will probably not happen.  A lot of the detail work won't be getting done.  I have a group of Pathfinders that will be based this weekend and the paint work started on them. 

This weekend will be clear coating a lot of my pieces.  My new commander came in and boy does he look pretty good.  It's also a count as for Shadowsun.  Unfortunately, it will be a normal suit for NOVA since I switched up my lists. 

Looks familiar?

I plan on making a cheat sheet to show what I need directly in front of me.  Something that reminds me to Nova-Charge, use the Ethereal and the PEN. If I get it done I will be sure to post it.

Todd posted a batrep of our game over at SincaiN40k.  I hate Wave Serpents.  I have a game this weekend versus Necrons.  I will be sure to post the results from that one.

I have also received my other KR Multicast box.  Pretty nice foam if I don't say so myself.  I really like their backpack as well. 


  1. 21 is a scary small number of days left.

    Love the Robotech look.

    1. Thanks. I really dig the look too. It is a scary number. I have the Broadsides up on the bench waiting to have the red and black added. The Pathfinders are there too. The new commander is ready to be based. The only thing that is not 3 color ready is the bulk of the Kroot. I plan on airbrushing the hell out of them to get them legal.

  2. Oh YOU think it's a scary number ...

    1. Well...I guess it's probably scarier for the people actually running it but don't you guys just sit around and count the loads of cash you rake in from these events. 8)

      Get cracking because it's 19 days now.