Thursday, August 15, 2013

Road to NOVA: Get Thee Behind Me, Warp Spawn

I got in a game last night with my new list.  I played Andrew and his Flying Monstrous Circus.  It was a fun game.  It was a bit one sided (more on that later).   I actually took more pictures of the dog at Dropzone then of the actual game. In fact I only took pictures of my setup.

The Game: 

NOVA Round 1 – Purge the Alien


Dawn of War (Rulebook, Page 119)

Mission Special Rules

Night Fighting, Reserves

Mission Points

1 Mission Point is earned for each enemy unit destroyed.
1 Mission Point is earned for completing each Secondary Objective described in the Rulebook: First
Blood, Linebreaker, and Slay the Warlord. (Rulebook, Page 122)
You MUST score at least Three (3) more Mission Points than your Opponent to win via Mission Points


Points Destroyed
One or both of the following if relevant (for an additional 50-100 points toward Tiebreaker):
50 Bonus Points for tying, but scoring One (1) more Mission Point than your Opponent
50 Additional Bonus Points for tying, but scoring Two (2) more Mission Points than your Opponent

Andrew had a FMC list and I brought this list

I won the side and first turn.  Andrew failed to seize.  I scouted the Pathfinders in front of my broadsides to put them within 12" of the Ethereal so I can use Zaphry's Grace on both squads.  He scouted the Khorne Dog's really friggin close to my Riptide/Commander squad.

My Warlord trait was Boldness. 

First Turn:

Top of 1 - I Nova-Charge the burst cannon.  Give Monster Hunter to the Riptide/Commander.  Zaphry's Grace was used.  Moved the Pathfinders and Broadsides up.  Ion Tide wounds one DP (2 on the board).  Pathfinders ML the Khorne Dogs and everything blows them to pieces. 

Bottom of 1 - He moves his demonettes and other troop forward with the unwounded DP.  Flies the other off the board.  His DP kills a Crisis suit and they run almost off the board.

Second Turn:

Top of 2 - Suits recover and two 20 man kroot and 1 15 man come on.  I blow everything off of the board.  It was literally just like that.  I was able to catch everything in a hail of bullets.

Bottom of 2 - Everything comes in from reserves.  Interceptor fire actually puts two wounds on Fateweaver and Tau is happy.  Grimoire doesn't work on Fateweaver but he kills the pathfinders. I lose a handful of Kroot from both 20 man squads combined.

Third Turn:

Top of 3 -  My final Kroot squad come on and shoot happens.  I kill everything but his horrors.  The Boradsides move over to support the unit that the horrors will charge. 

Bottom of 3 - Horrors shoot and kill some Kroot.  They charge and get overwatched to hell.  Three survive.  The Kroot attack with the horrors.  I will combat 1-0 and he fails his instability roll and the rest of the squad dies.

I win max points.  

Target priority is still a problem.  I need to work on that.  I also need to learn to use all of my Seeker missiles as soon as possible.

I love the HBC and the buff commander.  They worked well. I was worried about the Pathfinders versus the drones.  I have to say that these worked great.  They only used the markerlights once but ended up just being present and that was enough.

At this point, my list is finalized and I am finishing painting it.  I can't wait for NOVA.  I don't think I will be on the top tables but I think I will do well enough for me.  I just need to do better than 2-6.  Little steps.

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