Monday, August 19, 2013

Road to NOVA: Drums of War!

I finally got around to dividing up my Kroot.  I have 20 painted by other people but meet the three color minimum.  Some are much better than others.  I have 35 base coated and need some areas (weapons, hair and accents) painted but are relatively doable.  I have 15 more that are primed but require everything.

I got the assembly line down pretty well.  Last night I finished 15 of the base coated models with the exception of a few small accent areas.  I will finish them tonight and work on the other 20.  The one difference is half of that batch were base coated differently.  I did 10 and someone else did the rest.

My goal for this week is to get the Kroot done.  Hopefully before the weekend.  That would allow me time to work on the battle damage on the suits and then finish the missile pods up.  I want next week to be just detail work that doesn't matter if it's completed.  Since I'm not shooting for the Renaissance man, I just want them to look decent on the table.  I will finish up the details through out the year.

I am feeling good this year.  I feel a lot better than I did last year.  The new list is 1-0 which makes me 1-1 with Tau at 1850.  I have been working on strategies for handling certain armies.  Despite my crushing win versus Daemons last week, I don't think it's necessarily an easy win.  Tau are a toss up.  I haven't had a match versus them.  I think I would do well versus the Farsight Bomb/Council but would probably have issues with the 120 kroot lists.  Eldar will still kick my teeth in.  If 4 Wave Serpents kept me on the ropes, Wave Serpent SPAM would crush me.  CSM isn't that much of a worry.  Just kill the drakes.  Necrons would be challenging but doable.  Grey Knights are almost a given.  I think I have enough firepower/MC to deal with triple LR.

I will post some of the strategies I am looking at if I have time.  I got to get to painting!

A lot of people I know are working hard getting ready.  Todd over at SincaiN40k has been emailing me about getting his army done.  He is actually going for a perfect paint job.  He can do that because he has mad skills.  Evan over at Facing the Grey Tide is posting his Mawloc conversion for NOVA.  He actually did a great job and I think addresses the "modeling for advantage" perfectly with some of the other bits he added from his busting Mawloc.

I know a bunch of Beltway Gamers are getting ready.  Master of Melee threw down the gauntlet and challenged my Tau with his Daemons.  He is a tough competitor and won our only match of 40k.  It would be nice to she him bleed for his god.

Speaking of Beltway Gamers.   The Torrent of Fire invites went out for NOVA. Kinda psyched about it.  Gonna be pretty cool.  I made sure I put Beltway Gamers as my club to represent.  I just hope I can represent proudly.

Hopefully I will post more this weekend.


  1. The Kroot are looking good. That's a lot of them, but it seems manageable. Thanks for the shout out, and Todd does indeed have mad skills.

    1. Thanks. Luckily they are pretty easily to assembly line. I have 10 that need the leather, hair and the guns done on the table and another 10 off to the side. My goal is to do all the air brushing I need on the last 20 kroot and my seeker missiles on Thursday and have them all done by Friday. Then I start with the detail work on the pieces. Battle damage on the suits and Skyrays and some highlights on the Kroot. Should be some fun times. I didn't get any work done on the display board and will probably settle for my play old one.

      I really like how the Mawloc turned out. Real sweet.

  2. I'm glad you have faith .. I can't say I'm there yet 8) Cool to see the Kroot are coming along ...