Saturday, August 24, 2013

Road to NOVA: Destroyer Plague or Why the Hell am I SICK!!!

I meant to do a cute post yesterday at 1030 to say that I will be throwing dice at NOVA in 7 days.  Maybe do a Ring theme (the movie) but I am sick.  Nurgle was not happy at the ass beating that Chaos Daemons received at the hands of my Tau and has released the Destroyer Plague or some stuff like that.  Talking to Todd who had the exact same symptoms a week before said it will get worse before it gets better but "Ain't no body got time for that!"  I have started a regiment of liquids, DayQuil and Airborne.  The Airborne will also be used at NOVA to avoid "Con Crud".

This has put me about half a day behind in my Kroot.  I got work done yesterday but I think today will be a chore but I have to get them done by Sunday or I am going to be in the hole something fierce.  I wanted to post my strategies for the main army types but that looks like a far off dream at this point.  I made sure I did print off copies of my final list to have that in my bag prior to NOVA.  I hate to get to NOVA and have to head into work to print them.

If you all excuse me, I am going to drink my coffee and try to force myself in my chair to paint before my fantasy football draft.


  1. I am also sick.

    I also believe ain't nobody got time for that.

    1. You better not be sick. I only have to paint 20+ minis. You have too make over 200 war gamers have the time of their life.