Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Road to NOVA: NOVA Bound

Tomorrow is the NOVA Open.  I am finished paint (enough to make the minimum).  Added some rubble to cover issues with my display board.  Just need to pack everything up and go to bed.  I will be taking pics and trying to report on what I can.  Should be a real fun time!

Here are some more pics of the models:

Monday, August 26, 2013

Road to NOVA: Once More Unto the Breach, Dear Friends, Once More!

Most of the weekend the "Destroyer Plague" ravaged our house.  I forced myself to work on my Kroot. Despite being wracked with pain, I slaved on.  Sunday I forced myself in front of the airbrush and worked on base coating the remaining Kroot.  While my goal of getting them done was not reached, I can say that I feel like the plague is weakening and I can trudge through to the end.  I have the quills, leather, accessories, guns and bases to complete.  I should be able to knock them out by Tuesday at the latest.

I thought about making a new display board.  Nothing crazy.  Just a simple rocky plain.  I think I will wait and work on it later.  I think I will work on some of the details on all my models and make sure they are all sealed.

I can't wait to spend the weekend at one of the best tournaments in the area surrounded by a few hundred people just as crazy as I am.

Here are some more random pics of stuff I am working on for this weekend.

NOVA OPEN: Live Streaming Brought to You by the 11th Company Podcast

The guys over at the 11th Company are once again live streaming the top table for both the NOVA Open and Invitational.  If you can't make it but want to see some of the action, this is the best way.  I watched the live streaming of the Killidelphia Open and it was pretty cool.

Please check it out at  It all starts Thursday at 530PM EST.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Road to NOVA: Destroyer Plague or Why the Hell am I SICK!!!

I meant to do a cute post yesterday at 1030 to say that I will be throwing dice at NOVA in 7 days.  Maybe do a Ring theme (the movie) but I am sick.  Nurgle was not happy at the ass beating that Chaos Daemons received at the hands of my Tau and has released the Destroyer Plague or some stuff like that.  Talking to Todd who had the exact same symptoms a week before said it will get worse before it gets better but "Ain't no body got time for that!"  I have started a regiment of liquids, DayQuil and Airborne.  The Airborne will also be used at NOVA to avoid "Con Crud".

This has put me about half a day behind in my Kroot.  I got work done yesterday but I think today will be a chore but I have to get them done by Sunday or I am going to be in the hole something fierce.  I wanted to post my strategies for the main army types but that looks like a far off dream at this point.  I made sure I did print off copies of my final list to have that in my bag prior to NOVA.  I hate to get to NOVA and have to head into work to print them.

If you all excuse me, I am going to drink my coffee and try to force myself in my chair to paint before my fantasy football draft.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Road to NOVA: Drums of War!

I finally got around to dividing up my Kroot.  I have 20 painted by other people but meet the three color minimum.  Some are much better than others.  I have 35 base coated and need some areas (weapons, hair and accents) painted but are relatively doable.  I have 15 more that are primed but require everything.

I got the assembly line down pretty well.  Last night I finished 15 of the base coated models with the exception of a few small accent areas.  I will finish them tonight and work on the other 20.  The one difference is half of that batch were base coated differently.  I did 10 and someone else did the rest.

My goal for this week is to get the Kroot done.  Hopefully before the weekend.  That would allow me time to work on the battle damage on the suits and then finish the missile pods up.  I want next week to be just detail work that doesn't matter if it's completed.  Since I'm not shooting for the Renaissance man, I just want them to look decent on the table.  I will finish up the details through out the year.

I am feeling good this year.  I feel a lot better than I did last year.  The new list is 1-0 which makes me 1-1 with Tau at 1850.  I have been working on strategies for handling certain armies.  Despite my crushing win versus Daemons last week, I don't think it's necessarily an easy win.  Tau are a toss up.  I haven't had a match versus them.  I think I would do well versus the Farsight Bomb/Council but would probably have issues with the 120 kroot lists.  Eldar will still kick my teeth in.  If 4 Wave Serpents kept me on the ropes, Wave Serpent SPAM would crush me.  CSM isn't that much of a worry.  Just kill the drakes.  Necrons would be challenging but doable.  Grey Knights are almost a given.  I think I have enough firepower/MC to deal with triple LR.

I will post some of the strategies I am looking at if I have time.  I got to get to painting!

A lot of people I know are working hard getting ready.  Todd over at SincaiN40k has been emailing me about getting his army done.  He is actually going for a perfect paint job.  He can do that because he has mad skills.  Evan over at Facing the Grey Tide is posting his Mawloc conversion for NOVA.  He actually did a great job and I think addresses the "modeling for advantage" perfectly with some of the other bits he added from his busting Mawloc.

I know a bunch of Beltway Gamers are getting ready.  Master of Melee threw down the gauntlet and challenged my Tau with his Daemons.  He is a tough competitor and won our only match of 40k.  It would be nice to she him bleed for his god.

Speaking of Beltway Gamers.   The Torrent of Fire invites went out for NOVA. Kinda psyched about it.  Gonna be pretty cool.  I made sure I put Beltway Gamers as my club to represent.  I just hope I can represent proudly.

Hopefully I will post more this weekend.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Road to NOVA: Get Thee Behind Me, Warp Spawn

I got in a game last night with my new list.  I played Andrew and his Flying Monstrous Circus.  It was a fun game.  It was a bit one sided (more on that later).   I actually took more pictures of the dog at Dropzone then of the actual game. In fact I only took pictures of my setup.

The Game: 

NOVA Round 1 – Purge the Alien


Dawn of War (Rulebook, Page 119)

Mission Special Rules

Night Fighting, Reserves

Mission Points

1 Mission Point is earned for each enemy unit destroyed.
1 Mission Point is earned for completing each Secondary Objective described in the Rulebook: First
Blood, Linebreaker, and Slay the Warlord. (Rulebook, Page 122)
You MUST score at least Three (3) more Mission Points than your Opponent to win via Mission Points


Points Destroyed
One or both of the following if relevant (for an additional 50-100 points toward Tiebreaker):
50 Bonus Points for tying, but scoring One (1) more Mission Point than your Opponent
50 Additional Bonus Points for tying, but scoring Two (2) more Mission Points than your Opponent

Andrew had a FMC list and I brought this list

I won the side and first turn.  Andrew failed to seize.  I scouted the Pathfinders in front of my broadsides to put them within 12" of the Ethereal so I can use Zaphry's Grace on both squads.  He scouted the Khorne Dog's really friggin close to my Riptide/Commander squad.

My Warlord trait was Boldness. 

First Turn:

Top of 1 - I Nova-Charge the burst cannon.  Give Monster Hunter to the Riptide/Commander.  Zaphry's Grace was used.  Moved the Pathfinders and Broadsides up.  Ion Tide wounds one DP (2 on the board).  Pathfinders ML the Khorne Dogs and everything blows them to pieces. 

Bottom of 1 - He moves his demonettes and other troop forward with the unwounded DP.  Flies the other off the board.  His DP kills a Crisis suit and they run almost off the board.

Second Turn:

Top of 2 - Suits recover and two 20 man kroot and 1 15 man come on.  I blow everything off of the board.  It was literally just like that.  I was able to catch everything in a hail of bullets.

Bottom of 2 - Everything comes in from reserves.  Interceptor fire actually puts two wounds on Fateweaver and Tau is happy.  Grimoire doesn't work on Fateweaver but he kills the pathfinders. I lose a handful of Kroot from both 20 man squads combined.

Third Turn:

Top of 3 -  My final Kroot squad come on and shoot happens.  I kill everything but his horrors.  The Boradsides move over to support the unit that the horrors will charge. 

Bottom of 3 - Horrors shoot and kill some Kroot.  They charge and get overwatched to hell.  Three survive.  The Kroot attack with the horrors.  I will combat 1-0 and he fails his instability roll and the rest of the squad dies.

I win max points.  

Target priority is still a problem.  I need to work on that.  I also need to learn to use all of my Seeker missiles as soon as possible.

I love the HBC and the buff commander.  They worked well. I was worried about the Pathfinders versus the drones.  I have to say that these worked great.  They only used the markerlights once but ended up just being present and that was enough.

At this point, my list is finalized and I am finishing painting it.  I can't wait for NOVA.  I don't think I will be on the top tables but I think I will do well enough for me.  I just need to do better than 2-6.  Little steps.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Road to NOVA: Drowning in Kroot

My opponent backed out due to over sleeping until 1:45 in the afternoon.  I guess people have lives.  It's not like he missed a tournament that he was talking shit about to mow his lawn.  It's also not like he wasn't complaining the day before that Tau were OP.  I am just picking on him.  All good, Thom!  :)

What did I do with my extra time besides get dragged to the mall (Screw you, Thom!)?  I put together a new hobby caddy and painted.  I am at the stage where I need to touch up a few pieces on the suites, build a new TL fusion blaster (lost the other) and finish the Ethereal.  I also have a large amount of Kroot to paint.  I think I have about 30 to 40 painted or mostly painted. That leaves me with about 30 to do.  I am going to take a better head count in a few but I am actually surprised.  After saying no battle damage, it looks like I will be able to add some additional flare to my guys. 

Trying to think about what I am going to do with the display board.  I may just use my other board.

Going to try to arrange two games for Wednesday to work out the new list. Not much room for changing this list but need to make sure I understand it a 100%.  A lot of work left but all is coming together.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Road to NOVA: The Home Stretch

NOVA is 21 short days away.  Very little room for change in my list and a ton of painting to remain.  I begin looking at what won't get done versus what will get done.  Battle damage will probably not happen.  A lot of the detail work won't be getting done.  I have a group of Pathfinders that will be based this weekend and the paint work started on them. 

This weekend will be clear coating a lot of my pieces.  My new commander came in and boy does he look pretty good.  It's also a count as for Shadowsun.  Unfortunately, it will be a normal suit for NOVA since I switched up my lists. 

Looks familiar?

I plan on making a cheat sheet to show what I need directly in front of me.  Something that reminds me to Nova-Charge, use the Ethereal and the PEN. If I get it done I will be sure to post it.

Todd posted a batrep of our game over at SincaiN40k.  I hate Wave Serpents.  I have a game this weekend versus Necrons.  I will be sure to post the results from that one.

I have also received my other KR Multicast box.  Pretty nice foam if I don't say so myself.  I really like their backpack as well. 

Friday, August 02, 2013

Road to NOVA: Tau v. Blood Angels

After a horrendous attempt to put on decals and then remove them, I really needed a real game.  So I went down to Chuck's for a little 40k on my Birthday.  Having repaired the damage I inflicted on my Skyray and everything packed up, I knew that I needed to inflict mass casualties on my opponent.

My opponent was Jose.  First time playing him and he was a really nice guy.  He brought the following army:
1850 Pts - Blood Angels Roster

Total Roster Cost: 1881

HQ: Captain in Terminator Armour (1#, 155 pts)
   1 Captain in Terminator Armour, 155 pts = (base cost 140 + Thunder Hammer 15)

HQ: Captain in Terminator Armour (1#, 155 pts)
   1 Captain in Terminator Armour, 155 pts = (base cost 140 + Thunder Hammer 15)

Troops: Assault Squad (6#, 163 pts)
   4 Assault Squad, 72 pts = 4 * 18
      1 Assault Marine with Plasma gun, 33 pts = (base cost 18 + Plasma gun 15)
      1 Sergeant, 58 pts = (base cost 28) + Plasma Pistol x2 30

Troops: Assault Squad (6#, 163 pts)
   4 Assault Squad, 72 pts = 4 * 18
      1 Assault Marine with Plasma gun, 33 pts = (base cost 18 + Plasma gun 15)
      1 Sergeant, 58 pts = (base cost 28) + Plasma Pistol x2 30

Elite: Terminator Assault Squad (9#, 590 pts)
   1 Terminator Assault Squad, 0 pts
      7 Terminator with Lightning Claws, 280 pts = 7 * 40
      1 Sergeant, 40 pts
      1 Land Raider Crusader, 270 pts = (base cost 250 + Hunter-killer Missile 10 + Multi-melta 10)

Elite: Terminator Squad (9#, 655 pts)
   1 Terminator Squad, 0 pts
      1 Sergeant, 40 pts
      6 Terminator, 270 pts = 6 * 40 (base cost 40) + Chainfist x6 30
      1 Terminator with Assault Cannon & Chainfist, 75 pts = (base cost 40 + Assault Cannon 30 + Chainfist 5)
      1 Land Raider Crusader, 270 pts = (base cost 250 + Hunter-killer Missile 10 + Multi-melta 10)

Yeah..he was over but he asked.  He said 5 points but AB says it's closer with 31 based on what he said his loadouts were.  Since he never fired any of the HKM or the melta on one of the LRs, I think it's more like 1 point over.

Mission: Relic
Deployment: Hammer and Anvil
Night fighting in play.

His deployment:

My deployment:

Hindsight is that the Missile-sides were too far away.  Will address next game.  This is the third time I infiltrated Kroot and it was a bad idea.  Too far out.

Turn 1:
He moves forward and shoots some koot and they run.  I kill two assualt marines in each squad and the one on his right breaks.

Turn 2:
He advances 12 and starts targeting the suits.  I help Jose out by explaining Power of the Machine Spirit and that he should take out my retreating two Kroot for First Blood.  He does that.  I pop a LR and immobilize the other.  PEN is the greatest upgrade I have seen.  I then retreat into a building (which is too close for comfort).

Turn 3:
All terminators move toward the command squad. I overcharge and kill a squad of assault marines and some terminators.  He charges in with two squads (one chainfist terminator squad and one assault squad)/  Assault squad fails their charge and overwatch is pointless.  He challenges my commander who Falcon punches his Sargent.  He kills the remaining suit but I don't break.  Her kills my commander on my assault phase.

I managed to make the assault terminators break with a lot of shooting.  Sniper rounds + Markerlights = WIN!  His normal terminators move toward broadsides after my assault phase.
Building moved to make it easier.

Turn 4 (No pics because I was talking to the wife):
He shoots at the broadsides and kills two drones.  He then charges them (smart move).  They mess up a mess of terminators with overwatch but he wipes out the broadsides.

My shooting phase has me kill off his remaining troop, all but one assault terminators, the non-warlord commander and leave his one normal terminator.

Turn 5: I kill his normal terminator but fail to kill his HQ.  I have Line breaker and he has First Blood and Slay the Warlord.

He rolls the dice and the game continues.  I kill his warlord and Chuck's is closed.  If the game would continue, his LR would have been target priority 1 and most likely dead giving me the win via tabling.

Great opponent.  The one change I am making isn't due to this but due to the fact Skyshield Landing pads are legal at NOVA.  Going to take them for my guys to have the 4++ invulnerable save.