Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Road to NOVA: The road to NOVA is paved with tattered lists and half painted models

I am at the point in my painting that I am "almost" done painting several models.  The 2nd Riptide is done.  I just need to attach his arms and it's done.  One Skyray is about 90% done and the other is about 80%.  My Broadsides are ready to have the red added to them.  I have a handful of drones in different stages of completeness. Then I have all of the Kroot.  Man do I have a lot to do.

I have been using the tape technique on models to get them prepped.

The above is the Crisis Suit's Fusion Blasters and the Missile Drones for the Broadsides.

Here we have the tape removed.  Each of my drones will look different.  I wanted to make sure no one got them confused with each others.

The pics below are of the Ion Accelerators from the Riptide and the packs for the Broadsides.

The images below are the progress on the second Riptide.

The base needs some more work but it is coming along.  

Below is the start of the Ethereal.

I have really been jumping around but I can see progress.  I can't wait until the weekend when I can put the hammer down and get the Skyrays ready for their oil wash.

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