Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Road to NOVA: Progress Report

I stare down at my hobby table cluttered and littered with unfinished toy soldiers.  I then look at the calendar and think, "yeah...going to be cutting it close." Yesterday was a "what is left?" day.  I know I have a mess of Kroot that I am avoiding.  An Ethereal that really isn't cutting it (more on that later).  I have all of my suits.  Plus I need to finish my drones and Skyrays.  From the looks of it I am screwed. 

That was until I dove deeper.  It was about this time last year that I put my Chaos back on the shelf and started putting lists together for my marines.  I actually feel like (and am) in a different place.  There is actually less to do then it appears.  The work that is left to have "painted" models is minimal and I actually feel good about my lists.

Last night was all about getting ready to see stuff for the oil wash.  I can't put the Broadsides or Skyrays together until I have this part done.  I did a lot of touch ups on the models.  Fixing areas where the primer was thin.  Correcting a few mistakes here and there.  Painting the port holes.  Re-painting the port holes after I didn't like the first go.

It was also a good night because I could identify what was left to be primed.  A few small pieces that I forgot to do nut got done.  I also have the two gun drones that I added to the list.  Not a lot considering the drones were the largest left to do.

The Ethereal.  It's the original one from the original battle force that GW use to release when they did an army update.  I just don't like the details on it.  I am not sure what I am going to do.  It's almost painted.  I may just keep it and finish it and buy a new one later.  Depends.  Really just depends.

I have a replacement commander I ordered coming in soon (if USPS can figure out how to leave a package and write legibly).  I have a Crisis Suit made as the stand in but as I stated before I love the Forge World model and ordered one and a Commander for my Farsight count-as. Since it should be in my possession tomorrow, I really need to get cracking on clearing my table to concentrate on that. 

I have a game Thursday at Chuck's since I can't make DW.  Playing a BA player.  We won't be using NOVA missions since the guy doesn't play much and I already have a pretty annoying list for assault based armies.  I may have my rematch versus Todd this Saturday.  I have a few strategies I want to try out versus Eldar.  I figure we will be using NOVA missions for this one.

Here is the list I will be running.  A lot of shooting and 4 healthy squads of Kroot.  Not a lot of Skyfire mainly due to the lack of air I have been seeing.  That and with a mess of missiles I don't think I will need it that much.  Having the intercept on the Riptides and Broadsides should be a help.  I loved it on the Riptides and now the missile-sides can get into the action.

I will post some bat-reps (I promise) from the two matches. 


  1. That's an interesting list - not the first thing I would expect. I personally love Kroot, so I like it. Good luck getting it done. I'm looking forward to hearing how the battles go (particularly between you and Todd).

    1. The list is a cross between Neil (the 11th Company) and Andrew (Beltway Gamers) lists from Killadeplia Open. I was talking with another Beltway Gamers about how the missile-sides worked and he suggested adding another set. Theoretically, it should perform better than the Skyray but that would mean moving a lot of points and switching gears to get it done. I don't see it happening.

      While Kroot aren't the most durable, they put out a lot of Firepower. I plan on actually reserving them all versus Eldar. I would rather have the Wave Serpants go after my elite and heavys while I work to eliminate them. I haven't beaten Todd's Eldar in a full match.

      I'm not too worried about the Blood Angels player but I wasn't worried about my last match and he came with a tailored list that was brutal. The guy I am playing tomorrow has friends that played my list and know what would make it difficult. Should be fun.

  2. Yeah I figured we can either roll for the Nova mission or if there is one you want to run though. When I played Josh I picked two that will probably be rough and rolled on those.

    1. We can just roll for it. The first two are the ones that I am most worried about since they are KP but if I drop them I am in the 2-0 braket and not too worried about what I would see then.