Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Road to NOVA: Practice Makes Perfect

So I am at the point where everything is built and I need to start play testing. Some guys I occasionally play with had a spot in their 1750 team match. Slightly less than NOVA but will get me used to running the units.

I brought a slightly modified list and teamed with a BA player. We played against CSM and SW. The plan was the BA player will force the other team to engage me piece meal. It worked like a charm. The BA player took heavy losses but did his job. I lost a squad of Kroot (which performed better than I hoped) and a crisis suit with 4 drones. 

I have to say that the missilesides out performed everything. Last game they did nothing but this game they created a 30-36" bubble of destruction. You got close enough and you die. The number of shots were dropping terminators in a torrent of fire. 

Riptides were good decoys but did little. The commander and crisis suits were worth it. They didn't do a lot but marker things and take a few pot shots. The marker lights made everything better. 

The hammerhead didn't do a lot. I may just skip him for a another skyray. 

The initial performance have given me lots of list ideas. Some tweaks I will need to work out and play.  That's what the next few weeks are for I guess. 


  1. Sounds similar to my experience against my friend's Tau - missilesides are nasty. Marker drones are also tough because they're more mobile and durable than pathfinders. Riptide's looking good, btw.

    1. Thanks! I am still working on a few lists with pathfinders. They are cheap and can be a good delivery system for EMP grenades.

  2. Your experience with the hammerhead seems to be similar to my experiences with Fire Prisms. They're not bad, it's just that they're not great.

    Anytime you want to get an 1850 NoVA game in, let me know. I'll need practice against Tau as it is.

    1. Can't do this week (playing Keith) or next week (stitches coming out) but the week after should be fine.