Monday, June 03, 2013


Few updates.  I am currently without AC.  Luckily, I hang out in the basement and it's cool.  I have been slaving away on my Riptide.  I am pretty psyched about how it is coming out.  Going to post some pics on a separate post.

This past Saturday, I ran a 1000 pt tournament at Chuck's Comics.  It was the perfect turn out for the space they have.  Very cool mix of people.  Two Tau players and both made it to the top 3 and one of them (Ryan) took the prize. Beating out a green tide foot Ork list.  Being my first tournament, I was a nervous wreck but the players were cool and most of the questions were pretty simple.  A lot of experienced players helped.

I actually may have a guest blogger coming on to talk about the Eldar release.  I am not a big Eldar fan so it will be good to have someone that plays actual Eldar talk about it.

Next month looks to be the Apocalypse release.  Should be good.  I will have all my Tau stuff and need to blow cash until Marines drop.

That's all folks!

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