Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Road to NOVA: Test Run Complete

Play Todd (SincaiN40k) Saturday.  We got to a late start and we called it early due to time issues (and his lack of sleep due to a teething baby, ouch).  It was an interesting game.  I can see why the "Skytide" list is so good.  While I wasn't running it, the parts that are auto-include (Skyray and Riptide) are beasts.

I was playing fast and loose with one riptide and was impressed with the maneuverability and firepower.  It put wounds on most things without incident and then took a licking and kept on kicking.  It also made them a massive target.  I think three would be optimum for most tournaments. Intercept with Skyfire was nice to have.  Took out an Eldar flyer and made the other jink. 

While I wasn't too impressed with how I handled the Skyray on my first outing, I will be making some minor adjustments with my play style to be more effective.  I also should be more aggressive with them.  Where I was fast and loose with the Riptide, I was reserve with the Skytide.  That hurt me but since this was against Todd's unit test it wasn't much of an issue since winning wasn't on either of our minds.

Hammerhead w/Rail and Submunition
I really liked it.  Nice long range attacks and could switch between devastating AV and pie plates to take out troops.  Longstrike was nice but not needed.  He did make it so I didn't have to rely on markerlights.

I had a squad in area terrain and they were quickly targeted (as expected).  Didn't do much but are needed for the marker lights.  I may swap them out for drones since I can move and shoot.

I used Missile-sides.  Really nice and a lot of firepower (on paper).  Too bad they did nothing but take up space and shoot up three warpspiders..  I will be using them in the future but probably not in NOVA. Get missile drones for add pain.

They were an acceptable troop choice.  Killed a jetbike and

Go big or go home.  You really need full squads.  You don't need hounds or sniper rounds with each but it helps.

Looking at Tau they have a lot of different synergy.  It also has a lot of different combinations that work.  Some funner than others.  I still think a Farsight Bomb list would be pretty fun to play.

The one issue is NOVA seems to favor spammy armies.  Just due to the missions and terrain layout.  I think this may be the NOVA that flyer spam dies.  I expect to see a lot of drakes and some Stormtalons (Thunderfury, Maybe?).  There will probably be a bit of Necron flyer spam and maybe a daemonic flying circus.  Should be fun.  I plan to get another demo game July 6th.  Should be fun.

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